Wednesday, December 1, 2010

March in December

Not a banker

Today, it seems the Northeast is having standard late March weather- mid 60s, with rain and wind. Getting dressed was a puzzle. I left my wellies at the office, so I wanted to wear flats that I could carry home (and wear the wellies home). So I wanted to go with skinny jeans at first, but this did not look great with the tops.

(Buster says "I don't think so.")

The grey pants work (and the sweater hinds the bunching from the belt), and the combo is a bit Be Fabulous Daily. I guess I will just have to look foolish on the commute home, wearing big silly wellies under these "adult" pants.
Getting up is not hard, but getting out the door is a bit harder, as the number of class sessions continues to dwindle. And because Mr. Busta is sitting on my lap, which he demands that I do by at least 9AM everyday.
LinkThis is what it looks like while I am trying to take pictures. Poor Lula is always being harassed by the feisty kitten (who is getting bigger everyday). We have to separate them at times. Probably now is a good time.

Cardigan: H&M
Shirt: Loft
Pants: Old Navy (very old)
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Ecco


  1. I see Wellies and dress ("adult") pants all the time here, so it can't be that silly! I like the final outfit much better - it looks so put together! And your top ensemble is very BFD.

  2. You look fantastic in those trousers, and I have seen so many people here already wearing fantastic pants and wellies or snow boots.... Sometimes Mother Nature wins.

  3. Cat hair...the accessory that shall not speak its name. Why is it that, at 8:45 a.m. when I should be fleeing out the door, there is always a cat glued to my lap (Emo) or showing off how cute he can be by rubbing all over my ankles (Murray).

    I approve of your wide leg pant choice. I need to emulate you and get a skinny belt for my pants.

  4. I like the wider leg Katherine Hepburn-esque pants! I know, some days it is just so cold and snowy, I don't care. I'm wearing the ugly ridiculous snow boots that look like my snowboarding boots... with a skirt for the bus ride to work. It happens. I'd rather look well prepared for the weather than be the girl who fell in the gutter trying to wear heels on the ice.

  5. This is simple, put-together, and spiffy. I like.
    I've totally worn trousers with snow boots!

  6. I like the wide leg pants. I wear unfashionable boot/pant combinations a lot, but when it gets cold I need to wear my North Face boots regardless of how it looks.

  7. I'm going to swim against popular opinion here but I actually kind of like the skinny jeans version too (the awesomeness of the wide panted version goes without saying, really). Maybe not an ideal teaching ensemble -- it seems perhaps slightly too casual -- but an excellent non-teaching day outfit.

    Also, how adorbs are those kitties?

  8. @Anne: That stunning boot look is coming right up.
    @LaHdM: Mother Nature definitely wins in Minnesota!
    @Cynthia: Good thing belts are allowed in GAAD. Also, as luck would have it, both my kitties have white belly hair.
    @FutureLint: Your snow boots and skirt outfit sounds cute!
    @K-Bean: Thanks! I'm going for spiffy.
    @Rebecca: I hear you on those big sleeping blanket type winter coats.
    @E-Jo: I liked the skinny jeans, but maybe with a different shirt under the cardigan? It's definitely a more casual feel. Maybe for the last day of class.

  9. The Vampire Cat is the same with me every morning, and the Yelly Kitty sometimes joins us as well; that's 30 lbs. of cat on my lap. If I'm in a rush and have to skip the morning purr-fest The VC gets grumpy and stomps around the apartment. He likes routine.

    I love both of these outfits. The purple of the cardi is gorgeous on you.

  10. I think buster is wrong and the skinny jeans were working. But sometimes when it's raining, all bets are off and you just have to look a little silly to stay dry/warm/safe. The rain was so crazy today.

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. I LOVED the wide-leg look on you. That top outfit is just perfection for your silhouette.

    Skinny jeans are great but they require longer tops. That's why it wasn't working this time. But them and some wellies and a long tunic sweater? You would rock that too.

  12. This is simple, put-together, and spiffy. I like.
    I've totally worn trousers with snow boots!