No Repeats Challenge

Don’t you hate it when you’re listening to the radio and they play the same few songs over and over again?  And maybe you’re driving across the country and this is already the 47th time you’ve heard “Poker Face” and you just don’t need to hear it aga…aww dang there it goes.

Now, how many of us do that with our wardrobe?  (Counts hands.)

Maybe it’s because (like Anne) you’ve just finished the 30 x 30 challenge and you just don’t want to wear those things again for a while.  Maybe it’s because (like Cynthia) you have way too much stuff, and instead of using it all, you end up going back over and over to the pieces that you know for sure will work.  Either way, you’ve got some greatest hits that just come up in the playlist way too often.

To help solve your problem, and keep you blogging through the holidays, we’ve created a new challenge:  No Repeats Workdays and Weekends!*

Here’s how to play:

1.  From December 13th to January 13th, you’re going to head into your closet and wear those wardrobe orphans.  We’re playing on work days, work at home days, weekends and holidays so that you get a chance to wear everything from your snowman-adorned Christmas sweaters to your party dresses.

2.  Post an OOTD as many of the challenge days as you can — but multi-day entries, reconstructed-later outfits, or pictures of the outfit you wore without you in it are just fine!

3.  Here’s the big one:  NO REPEATS.  You can define this one of two ways. 
Anne styledon’t repeat an outfit within the 30-day period.  Different shoes and accessories don’t make the same pairing of pieces into a new outfit — you have to remix.  Anne suspects she doesn’t have enough unique bottoms to make it through a whole month, so this is how she’s going to play.  

Cynthia styledon’t repeat any item in the entire month (except shoes and accessories).  Cynthia hasn’t really purged her closet in several years and has way too much stuff, so this is the way she’s going to play.

4. You can decide if you want to start with a “clean slate” at the beginning of the month, or if you want to be sure to wait at least 30 days from whenever you last wore it, before adding an item to the mix.

5. Post a comment here or here BY DECEMBER 10 to let us know you’re playing and we’ll add your link below and at The Cohabitating Closet.  Grab the button graphic and put it on your blog if you’d like.   Link back to the challenge page(s) and help us get other people into the game!
*Many thanks to Charlotte for naming this challenge.  She’s got a way with words…

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