Sunday, December 19, 2010

Paul Bunyan buys shampoo


The challenge with the No Repeats Challenge is that I have to gussy up a bit more weekends, as well as work week days.  Non teaching days are often spent working/lounging until the mid afternoon, when I like to go for a 3 mile jog (for sanity purposes.  Exercise is my stress reliever) outside.  So fussing too much about my appearance doesn't make much sense, since I will get sweaty and shower around 4 or so.  No one really sees me.  Even Blokey keeps "artistic" sleep schedules on the weekends.  (He's the last real bohemian in NY, I think).  So StyleNation- what do you guys do on days you're planning on working out, in terms of getting ready in the morning? 
This is typical Sunday wear.  Oversized, vintage western shirt, skinny jeans, boots, and hat (for public consumption).  I need to run to the store and buy some shampoo.  I tried to get Blokey to switch to natural/sulfate free products when we met, but it's a hard habit to break.
Kudos to Chalkdust and Boots, a Style Nation member that I've only recently discovered, for linking to Kasmira's page on how to take better indoor pictures.  I fiddled with some of the settings last night, but my pictures came out worse than yesterday.  I assume that is mostly because yesterday was sunny and today is not.  It's amazing how different pictures taken a few minutes apart can look too.  I had managed one bright, well lit photo today, but the lens wasn't clean and it had those dust circles, so I had to scrap it.  Another thing I've realized is that my face is often in the shadows because of the placement of lighting (even though I drag a few floor lamps into the shot.  I may drag another one soon).  Well, it's a learning experience.

Shirt: vintage via eBay
Jeans: Blank Denim (via Cliche in Minneapolis)
Boots: Born
Belt: swap box via Pineaple Mint Vintage


  1. Weird. I totally had a dream about this exact outfit last night, only I was wearing it to a music festival. The only difference was the blue in the plaid. But that was it. Everything else was essentially the same.


  2. I mostly work out on weekends or work from home days, and I'll go around 11 and get dressed after that. I'm in my PJs until that time though, so I'm no help here :)

    I like the belt with this, and I've always loved that hat! I bought a similar one yesterday in purple (found it for practically nothing at a local shop here) and thought of you!

  3. Yeah, this is a big challenge for me on weekends, too. I am usually pretty scruffy, especially on Sundays. This morning I actually dampened my hair and blow dried so that I looked clean for my morning trip to Trader Joe's/Target/outfit photo. Then I changed into Zumba clothes and worked out. Now I am wearing pajamas, to be honest, because I don't plan on going out again.

    I had to scrounge to find low-sulfate shampoo on my shopping trip this morning, Target apparently stopped carrying Organix.

  4. I like this outfit. The proportions for me are good. Except, I think you should go with one button more unbuttoned.

    Lots of love for the belt, and the level at which you're wearing it. But, um... I'm not really into the hat. Maybe, it's the lighting and the fact that it's the same color as your hair, but upon first viewing I got confused and thought your hair was plastered to your head :). Maybe, a newsboy, or guys style driver's hat?