Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Repeats, Day 2

Today's outfit is inspired by Anne, Ann Underfunded Humanity, and KBean, because they rock the docs in a B.A. way.  I don't have Dr. Martens, but instead a pair of M.I.A. combat boots that I wore all around New Orleans last spring during a big conference (not during the presentations, but during all the running around town we did before/after the serious stuff).  Combat boots and skirts/dresses/shorts over tights is one of my favorite looks.  Tough and feminine.  Like salty and sweet.  
This thrifted Land's End jersey shirt dress should get a lot of wear, but I found it's shape a little awkward to navigate.  I hope to get some wear out of it (maybe as a layering piece) a couple time during this upcoming month.
Please excuse my eye puffiness.  My colleagues and I had a very salty "Last day of teaching" meal last night.  This is why I don't eat out too much.  Today, I need to work for a few hours on my PTWE (project that won't end), jog, then run into school by 3:30 for our last meeting of the semester.  Oh, and pick up 27 lbs of winter share vegetables at our CSA.  I can taste those Brussels sprouts already. 

Dress: Land's End (thrifted)
Belt: Presence (Chicago)
Tights: Hue
Boots: M.I.A. (some shoe store by 57th and 7th)


  1. Ooooh, I really like this outfit! It's indeed very sweet and salty (one of my favorite combos too - like chocolate covered bacon). I like that the belt and tights kind of coordinate with each other. They're so feminine in color and in the way that the belt gives you a really defined waist, and the boots balance that out to make the outfit more casual.

    And sorry, I can't see your eye puffiness through my giant under-eye bags. Enjoy all those veggies! Perhaps we'll see some action over at Lefty Cooks?

  2. Oh, man! I love this outfit, and you and AUH are making me so sad that I no longer own any combat boots.

  3. Black and burgundy - inspired!

  4. 'So BA in every way. You are teaching me about coloured tights. And that black dress is BA on you. I look forward to seeing other incarnations of it.

  5. Great minds, I wore my combat boots today too! You look much more badass than me, though, ha ha.

  6. I think the dress looks great, and I love mixing black with brown. That bold belt is just wonderful.

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. @Anne: Oops, I keep forgetting to update my sad, neglected food blog..
    @LaHdM: Your Bond Girls boots are super BA and envy worthy, too!
    @Sal: This is my idea of color mixing!
    @A-Dubs: I'm going to take a page from your book and maybe do some blue tights sometime during the challenge.
    @Shelia: That would be impossible! You are an original BA.
    @Lyddie: Thanks! The belt is actually a dark purple but it does look brown in the photo.
    @SU: I try!

  8. Thanks for the shoutout! I am honoured to be mentioned in such close proximity to this seriously badass look. Combat boots and skirts / dresses is one of my all-time favorite looks, and you're rocking it.

  9. That outfit is fantastic. I love the colorful tights and the combat boots. Such a wonderful contrast. You'd also never guess that you find that dress shape awkward -- you've tamed it nicely!

  10. I love the addition of the combat boots! My only ones are the floral Dr Martens, and I always forget to wear them because they are so odd! That's so exciting about the veggies, I just wrote today on my blog how I've been eating brussel sprouts nonstop since October!

  11. I love the outfit. The dress fits you very, very well. You look fashionable, pulled together, with a great figure. But you need some color in your face? How about some colorful earrings, a colorful headband or hair accessory, and please, please a little some lipstick?