Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve eve

Yesterday, Blokey and I met old friends from graduate school who now live in Connecticut. It was really nice to see them and catch up on their lives.  I ended up just wearing a reiteration of this outfit, which is fitting since it's what I wore most of the time while in g-school.  The lovely wife was one of the first women I met in graduate school who really paid attention to what she wore, was trendy but selective about following them, and dressed for her body type. She taught me a lot about developing style.  
One topic that came up was how graduate school spoils us- we meet so many like minded and interesting people who are willing/wanting to make new friends, make strong connections, go through collective traumas*, watch each other pair off and go through life changes, and then we all scatter to our respective new jobs.  We really were lucky to find each other then (I complained a lot in graduate school, so please forgive my momentary mushiness).
Today, I'm taking a page from Audi layering a quite short dress over a longer skirt.  I don't have a problem with the high hemline, but it's a little cold for that kind amount of leg. When I venture out later today, I'll throw on a cardigan, and then a coat.  But it's not so cold out anymore, just snow drifty.  This outfit also clearly marks me into "Anne Style", since I wore this dress as a top the first day of the challenge.
Happy New Year's Eve Eve, everyone!

Dress: Zara, via Beacon's Closet
Skirt: American Apparel, from a swap
Tights: Target
Boots: Born

*I know that qualifying exams are not the same as really terrible traumas, but they are stressful and real.


  1. I love the ways these layers work together. Dress layering is like the last frontier for me...

  2. I keep thinking of layering a skirt under a shorter dress, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Seeing it on you, I'm inspired! Also, I love the color of this dress! It looks great on you.

    I wish I had such a cool style icon when I was grad-school aged. Though that's the same time in life that I made my most lasting friendships - based on our common annoyance at our job instead of grad school, but still... there's something to those mid-20's friendships. People just starting out and wanting to be friends at work is definitely what I miss about my job now that I'm a grizzled veteran and all.

  3. Maybe candidacy exams aren't real trauma, but being on the academic job market in this economy is. *sigh*

    That thrifted Zara dress is awesome!

  4. I love your layering here. Happy 2011!

  5. Cute. I love the skirt under dress layering. That's definitely made a lot of my dresses more wearable this year.

  6. I really like this Zara dress, and I aspire to multi-layers. I think it would save a lot of my "too short" stuff if I could only learn to do it right.

  7. The too-short dress over a skirt is a look I like very much, Rad. This looks pretty on you--and with a cardigan, warm.

  8. Another reader aspiring to pull off the dress-over-skirt thing. You look great. And I totally agree with you on grad school friendships.

  9. When the weather gets cold, the smart wear layers! I like this look...and the dress by itself is pretty kick ass.

    And you have vintage patterns?! Amazing. I've wanted to find some in my size but all the ones I find are for a size 24 waist. :(

  10. Another reader aspiring to pull off the dress-over-skirt thing. You look great. And I totally agree with you on grad school friendships.