Monday, December 20, 2010

Homeward Bound

No Repeats, Day 8
This afternoon I headed back to Chicago after a nice long weekend back home in Ohio. I wore this outfit for breakfast with a girlfriend, and ditched the belt for travel. This is me trying to wear something other than jeans for my casual outfits, so I'm really branching out with a denim skirt.  But it's a start!

I'm back home, watching even more snow fall outside, catching up with Jude and snacking on some of the Christmas cookies that my mom and I baked over the weekend.  I think I was supposed to share those with Fella and his family over the holidays.  Woops.

Sweater: Loft
Skirt: Old Navy
Leggings & Belt: Target
Boots: Sporto via Piperlime
Hat: Anderson's General Store, Toledo, OH (Look, E-Jo, I found something cute at a grocery store too!)


  1. Cookies! I am drooling over those beauties. I also, is that the new hat? I'd love to see a close up sometime. I dig the way the grey tights match your boots!

  2. Mmmm those cookies look good.
    And my, that is a lot of snow you have there.
    Stay warm - I know I'm freezing to death!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Those Christmas cookies look great. I want to bake something now!

  4. Those cookies look absolutely incredible!

    Great job of branching out with that skirt!

  5. Cuteness! I, too, wish a close-up of you in that hat. Also, cookie porn is unfair. This is the second time you've taunted us in less than a week. (possibly that last statement is true, but I didn't actually check. I was mostly thinking - again - of the peanut butter-cup cookies you featured recently.)

    Also (x2), I'm taking notes re: things to do with denim skirts. I like the belt, too.

  6. Love the denim skirt! Though I'm distracted by my desire for those cookies. My sister's got the component parts of sugar cookies in her fridge. Clearly we need to get on this.

    Also, isn't grocery store clothes shopping the best? I did some more this most recent weekend. It seems harder to do where I live -- I could but only if I wanted stuff emblazoned with the logo of the school I work at. I don't.