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It's a Fire Sale!  Wait no, that's something else.  After reading your responses to this post (wherein I asked for advice on whether or not I should keep a skirt that I was on the fence about), I started thinking about clothes that I have but don't love.  I have a lot that fits into this category.  I'll list all of this on eBay eventually, but first I thought I'd open it up to you.  If there's anything that I'm getting rid of that you would like, it's yours.  You can pay for it if you want, but I'll happily part with it for the cost of shipping and the knowledge that my neglected clothes will be finding a new, stylish home.  I'll be adding to this periodically, and I'll mention it over on the TCC main page when I do.  I have some unloved accessories that I'll be posting soon too, so if the clothes don't work out for you, maybe accessories will.

I'd be happy to send you close-ups or pictures at different angles.  You can leave a comment on this post, or email me at aeshepherd at gmail dot com.


Patterned dress from New York & Company, size L.  There is a big ruffle at the bottom, which is kind of hard to see in the picture.

Wrap dress from Target, size XL. I like this dress, but it's a bit large for me in the chestal arena, so I don't wear it very often.

Patterned knit dress from New York & Company, size L.  This is WAY too short for me.  Way too short.  I'm 5'9, so it might not be too short on someone of more average height.  It has a self-tie in the back.

Dress by Suzi Chin, size 16W. This dress looks pretty great, doesn't it?  Unfortunately the side view is in no way flattering, since the ruching hits me at my worst, most problem-prone area.  Dress has a full zip in the back.


New! Black skirt from New York & Company, size 14. I think NY&Co calls this fabric "shark skin" or something along those lines.  It looks and feels like a polished black denim.  It's pleated in the front and plain in the back.  It hits me just above the knee.

Floral Skirt by H&M, size 16.  Has a side zipper/button closure.

Polka dot skirt by H&M, size 14. Has side zipper/button closure.

New! Pink cardigan with sequin flower detail, New York & Company size Medium. It's 100% acrylic.  I bought this in 2004, but it's still in really great condition.

White and navy polka dot blouse by Loft, size XL.  The collar has some cute ruffle action going on.  I like this blouse, but it doesn't really work for me because it's totally lacking any shape, which is probably why I've only worn it once in the year that I've owned it.

closet 007
Floral blouse by Target, size XL. Although you can't tell from the picture, this blouse is a bit snug and thus, not too comfortable on me.


Necklace from New York & Company

Brown beaded necklace from New York & Company

Purple beaded necklace from New York & Company

Gold Necklace from Express

Earrings from Express

Blue beaded bracelet from New York & Company

Silver clutch from Express


Black heels from Hot Kiss, size 10. I bought these in 2005, and though they did get a fair amount of wear, they're still in pretty good condition.

Already Spoken For

Taken! Cotton floral blouse by Loft, XL. Although I like the print and the ruffles around the neck/sleeves, it's just not my style.

Taken! Blue sequined skirt from Old Navy, size 10. This skirt has two layers of mesh and a solid black lining, and sequin detail across the bottom edge.  It has a side zip closure.

Taken! Strapless dress by Laundry, size 12. This picture doesn't really do this dress justice, so below is a picture of me in it.  I bought this in 2005 for a friend's wedding.  I love this dress, but it doesn't fit me anymore.

Tan heels from Rampage, size 10. I only wore these once.  The heels are way too high for me.

Yellow flats by Dr. Scholl's, size 10. I only wore these a couple of times.  They're really cute, but I had a hard time styling them.

Taken! Black Wrap dress from eShakti. Size 18.  It's a true wrap dress, being secured by an inner button, outer button and a long tie.  The fabric is cotton and it has a lot of stretch to it.  The skirt is really full, which is what's stopped me from wearing it too much.

Taken! Wrap dress from Ann Taylor, size 14. Unlike the eShakti wrap dress, this is a faux wrap dress.  I really like this dress but, if you couldn't tell from the pictures (and what would be tons of exposed boobage), it's too small on me.  It's pretty much always been too small, but it was so pretty I couldn't resist buying it.

Taken! Brown cotton polka dot blouse by Target, size XL. Another example of something that doesn't fit, but I haven't been able to part with because it's too darn cute.

Taken! Blue Cardigan by New York & Company, size L (I think - I seem to have removed the tag). I know, I know, I just wore this sweater.  But prior to that, it hadn't been worn in years.  It's got 3 buttons down the end of each sleeve, which you can kind of see on my right arm in the photo above.

Taken! Red cardigan by New York & Company, size XL. Although I like this cardigan, I rarely wear it because it's 100% acrylic.  There's not much give or stretch to it, which bugs me.  It's got lovely rhinestone buttons.

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