Sunday, December 5, 2010

30 for 30, Day 26: Night Out

Last night, I had dinner downtown at a restaurant called Nacional 27.  It's a pretty nice Latin restaurant, and quite a change of pace from the hole-in-the-wall bars and pubs that I tend to hang out at in my neighborhood. This is one of my visiting friend from Ohio's favorite restaurants here, so we had to go there while she was in town.  

I really like going out downtown from time to time, but the weather presented some wardrobe challenges for me, specifically in the footwear department.  It was snowing on and off for most of the day yesterday, so my 10 minute walk to the El stop was full of slushy, icy sidewalks.  I don't know how other girls around here manage this, but I simply can't wear heels in those conditions.  Admittedly, I had 2 ice-related injuries (and ER/urgent care visits) during my first winter in Chicago, so since that time, I've been extra cautious around ice.  Although I love my Sorel boots for warmth, comfort and ice traction, they don't quite go with the classy, downtown vibe.  Neither do these rain boots, but I figured they're black and shiny, so that's a step in the right direction.

How do you dress for inclement weather while still dressing appropriately for the situation?

Also, if anyone wanted to see, here's our finished Christmas tree :)  I wrapped some presents this morning and am hoping to get most of my holiday cards written out today, so things are nice and festive here at TCC Midwest.

Cardigan (item #3): Target
Tank (item #12): Gap
Skirt (item #17): Target
Leggings and Rain Boots: Target
Hidden 2 pairs of socks: Smart Wool
Bracelets: Loft



  1. Looks like you did a great job combining form and function. I didn't even notice you were wearing Wellies until I looked carefully. And you look very celebrate-y with the dark colors. That's great you could pick out a "downtown" outfit with your 30x30 items.
    Your tree looks lovely. I may drag Blokey to go see the sights in Manhattan after finals are over (and I kick this snotty cold).

  2. I think the Wellies are just fine. If I'm going somewhere I can stash boots, I take cute shoes in my purse and change when I arrive. If not, I choose function over form. At a certain point, looking cool just means you look really cold.

    F was in Chicago last month and had a great time at The Publican. Ever been?

  3. You know your post made me realize how auto-based my life is and how I don't have an acceptable substitute in my closet for going on a snowy evening! We wrapped gifts last night too and finally, I am beginning to catch the spirit.

  4. Inclement weather here on the West coast tends to be rain 99% of the time, so I wear boots (and carry fancy shoes in my bag - I slip them on just outside the door of wherever I'm going).

    I love your tree!

  5. Anne, I discovered yak-trax. Slip those on over your boots and your footing is much more sure. I mostly wear boots all winter but never high, spindly heels. Falling on icy sidewalks is simply not worth it.

  6. I think this is cute with the rain boots! Better safe than sorry, right?

  7. Rad: Are they still Wellies if I bought them for $20 at Target? :) Nonetheless, they worked just fine on Saturday, and I didn't get kicked out of the restaurant or anything. It's just sad how much "downtown" looks like my work outfits (I wore almost this exact outfit to work a couple months ago). Hope you're feeling better!

    K.Bean: I've heard of the Publican, but not been there just yet. I don't get out nearly enough! I like your strategy, I'm just not sure where to stash the boots at a restaurant.

    Terri: It would be nice to not have to trek everywhere in the winter! At least sometimes.

    Sheila: So where do you stash your boots when you get to where you're going? That's my only issue. It's so much easier to get around in the summer when I can throw a pair of flip-flops in my bag!

    Charlotte: Thank you for the recommendation! I'm going to check those out - hopefully they help!

    FA: Yep, definitely better safe than sorry! And fortunately no one really saw my boots anyway - the restaurant was pretty dim.