Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rule breaker

Rule breaking

Today's outfit is my contribution to Elaine's "Rule Breaking" style challenge. The rule I am breaking is that if one does not have proportionally long legs, one should not wear below the knee skirts with flat shoes, or flat boots. I think this is a good rule, but when it's 30 degrees and windy and I have a bit of walking to do today (including an important noodle eating endeavor with professor from philosophy), so I felt like going with practicality. I know that 30 degree is nothing compared to the midwest, but for some reason, 30 degrees in Minnesota is not bad compared to 30 degrees in NY. It has something to do with the sea, and humidity (I think). Anyway, I like the lines of this outfit, even if risk stumpifying myself. Oh and both the boots and cardigan are a dark brown (I like the descriptor "Dark Chocolate"), which isn't clear in the picture.
I strongly dislike the lighting at school, but I woke up late today so I decided to post from school. Then the A train was a disaster this morning. I glad I got here in time, but this is why my post is delayed. Just one more teaching day after this. (I am behind everyone who didn't get a slew of Jewish holidays in September). I am excited to really focus my energies soon on the Project That Will Not End.
Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Shirt: Loft
Skirt: vintage Pendleton, via eBay
Cardigan: swap
Belt: swap via Pineapple Mint Vintage
Tights: Uniqlo
Boots: Born


  1. Oh crap, that's a rule? And here I was, seriously considering a bottom-half wardrobe made up solely of 34" skirts and flat boots.

    I don't think you look even remotely stumpy!

  2. Cynthia, I think that long long skirts are OK with flats, but the "midi" ones between the ankles and the knees are trickier to navigate. I dunno. I just read it somewhere.
    Thanks for the reassurance about my stumpiness concerns!

  3. If there's a rule against this outfit, then it's surely meant to be broken! Seriously, this skirt and boot combo looks great on you!

  4. Yes, but your skirt is knee length! I read somewhere (maybe Steph did a post on this?) that you want a skirt to hit you at any point on your leg where you can see daylight when you stand with your ankles together. And that is different for everyone. So I can wear skirts that either hit from right at to a couple of inches below my knee, or below the wide part of my calf. Sometime when I'm bored over the holiday I'll see if I can find that post and do some skirt analysis.

  5. I don't think you look one bit stumpy, so throw that rule right out!

  6. I'd never heard that rule. That skirt looks lovely and great for cold weather.

    I'm of the opinion that 30 is cold no matter where you are, especially if you are walking or taking public transportation.

  7. But you look rockin- rules schmules - the only ones I care about are Brules Rules....

    Seriously though you look great and warm : )

  8. I had a problem with that rule too... But when you have a small wardrobe, sometimes rules just gotta go! I love it here though. Your legs don't look shortyshort at all.

  9. I don't agree with this rule, and because your whole bottom half is dark, and you've got a strong waist definition, your legs still look long.

    This is a great outfit!

  10. I also think that this outfit looks great -- and totally not stumpy. Also, those boots continue to rule and add a wonderful bit of edge to the outfit.

  11. Hey everyone, I think not only have I read this before, but it's also a personal rule for me. As we've discussed before, I have calves of consequence. They are not dainty, so in addition to be long of torso, my shorter calves give me concern when it comes to hemlines, and I like to follow Sal's advice on shoe/hemline ratios.
    @Anne: aw, shucks. Thanks for your vote of confidence.
    @Cynthia: Ha, that's great. I have extremely bowed legs, there is is nothing but daylight between them, all the way done. I consider this to be a long, below the knee skirt. Maybe my bow leggedness contributes?
    @Audi: Thanks. Maybe I just see it as a problem?
    @Rebecca: Yes, public transit and walking make things colder. Brr to the wind.
    @LaFille: That video made me laugh a lot.
    @Elaine: Yeah, I have classic moo-da-li. It's true. (My cousin does not, but she claims to covet my height).
    @Sheila: Yes, I think the darkness makes a huge difference.
    @E-Jo: Yeay for the boots! I was hoping to go for edgy and not schlumpy (although I don't mind a little schlump at the end of the semester).

  12. Maybe it's the camera angle, but you definitely look tall in this!
    And once you pass freezing, you can't really discern between 30° and 3° or so I seem to think. It's just really darn cold. And forget about it if the wind is blowing.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Dude, your whole calves/long torso thing is all in your head. you look amazing. Totally know what you mean about MN weather versus elsewhere weather. Weird huh. Love you x

  14. The skirt is wonderful and I don't see ANY stumpiness!

  15. No stumpification whatsoever.
    I continue to love those boots.

  16. I know, I don't think I'm supposed to wear longer skirts because I'm so short, but working at a school, I can't rock a miniskirt, so oh well! Rules, schmules. It's a pretty skirt and I like it with the boots!

  17. @Lyddie: I agree, especially at the beginning of winter, when I'm a cold weather weinie! I'll get used to cold soon, though.
    @Koo: You might be true, but I have rules anyway. Good thing Elaine challenged us to break them.
    @Terri: Aw, thanks for your compliment.
    @K.Bean: I think my students are scared of them too.
    @FL: I wish I could rock the miniskirt, but there's something retro and romantic about longer vintage skirts, huh?

  18. 'Looking long, leggy, and sexy-smart, Rad. Also, ha! Your "dark chocolate" pieces are BA.

    Finally, hold on, woman! End-of-teaching is soooooooo almost here for you. Now, if we could all find the end of marking at the same time as end-of teaching, how awesome would that be?

  19. Dude, you've been tagged.