Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Best

No Repeats, Day 7
I know, it is Monday morning already.  But I'm a little behind.  I had wanted to get this post up last night, but instead I was up until 2am listening to 40-50 year old records with my dad.  I bought him a new record player for Christmas, so he was excited to listen to songs and albums that he hasn't heard in years.  He seriously looked like a kid on Christmas morning while ripping away at the record player's packaging, which is not a side of our parents that we're all accustomed to seeing very often.  He and I are definitely alike in what a huge role music plays in our lives. He could listen to songs and tell me the first time he had ever heard it so it was cool to hear those stories, and cool for me to finally hear music that I've loved my whole life in analog format.  So yeah, it's been a total music nerdy week for me.

Anyway, before my family Christmas celebration last night, I started the day out at church with my Grandma, and spent the rest of the day taking her around town (which included taking her for a hair cut, so look out for my newly-trimmed bangs tomorrow!) and visiting with various other family members, and ending it all with a nice dinner out.  I had a pinkish knit top with this black skirt, but it photographed horribly, so I'll have to try to recreate the rest of the outfit for you sometime.  Instead, here's some more winter outerwear, since I have such an abundance of it.

This coat was yet another early Christmas present from my parents. I think I've mentioned that they get me a new coat most years to help keep winter interesting and warm and all. I still don't own a black winter coat, so I guess a black and white pattern is the closest I'll get.

Coat: Macy's, gift
Brooch: New York & Company
Scarf: Gap
Skirt & tights: Target
Boots: Eddie Bauer


  1. What a beautiful new coat. It's super flattering, and the texture is gorgeous. Yeay for early Xmas presents!

  2. Anne--what a thoughtful gift to give your dad. What kind of music does he like?

  3. Rad: Thanks! It's also nice and warm :)

    Terri: He loves classic rock from the 60's and 70's, and also a lot of jazz from the early 60's. Last night we listened to Chicago, the Moody Blues, Dave Brubeck, Ray Charles, Mamas & the Papas and CCR that I can remember.

  4. Anne--what a thoughtful gift to give your dad. What kind of music does he like?