Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Happy

No Repeats, Day 11
Merry Christmas Eve Eve, Stylenation! I worked from home today and finally finished up all of my holiday shopping during my lunch break.  The only person I had left was Fella's brother's girlfriend, so I went to a couple neighborhood boutiques.  I'm a little bit envious of the hat I bought her, but I have so much winter stuff I could restrain myself.

Jude was extra excited about photo-crashing today.  Obviously it's because he wanted to show off his early Christmas present: a new collar.  The brand is Spiffy Dog, which definitely describes Jude.

Anyway, Rad tagged me to post seven things.  I have no pictures nearly as badass as hers, so I'm throwing in a couple childhood ones (inspired by all of jesse.anne.o's awesome childhood pictures).  So here you go.

1. My first job in Chicago was cleaning out fitting rooms at Neiman Marcus downtown.  I got the job because my friend worked in their HR department at the time, and they paid me under the table in cash.  It was pretty much the worst job ever.

2. I really, really love math and I'm pretty good at it.  My school didn't have Mathletes (does that actually exist, or was it just on Freaks & Geeks?) but if it did, yeah, I totally would've been one.  The closest I came was yearly city-wide math competitions.  I think one year I may have one like $50 for my math skills. 

3. I had to get a total of 30 stitches in my face during my first winter in Chicago due to ice-related injuries.  So you should believe everything you hear about how awful our winters are.

4. I met Fella during a free 3-day trial on back when online dating was still not too common.  We're both winners despite that, I promise.  I emailed him because he said he was interested in 3 things in a girl: dorkiness, sarcasm and freckles.  I don't have as many freckles as Fella does, but I'm overqualified on the other two. Clearly we were made for each other.

5. I'm a huge baseball fan.  My favorite team is the Detroit Tigers, followed by the Chicago Cubs. Here's me at my first Cubs game, in 1986:

6. Aside from two trips to Canada when I was younger (once to Toronto to see my Dad's old stomping grounds, and once to Windsor), I've never been outside of the United States.  I don't even have a passport.  I'd really like to rectify that.

7. Like E-Jo, I really love Christmas unironically.  This is how excited I get about it every year:

Sweater & Cords: Loft
Boots: Rampage (gift from Fella's mom)
Necklace: New York & Company


  1. Hmmmm. If your brother's girlfriend doesn't like her hat, I'll happily take it. That is cute cute cute.
    I enjoyed your seven things!

  2. Yes, super cute! Almost as frickin cute as young Anne. So many "aw"s.
    Your first Chicago job does sound icky, but luckily you are far far away from that now!

  3. Thanks for the excellent Jude-dancing photos as well as all the other awesomeness in this post. Also, I'll fight K.Bean for the hat.

    Finally, ha! As a fellow sarcasmo and as a full-fledged dork, I can only reiterate that we are like this (I'm still doing the fingers to eyes thing).

  4. Love your little christmas photo, you are just too cute!
    I wish I were at all good at math. It takes me about a million years to do anything in my head because the whole time I'm trying to visualize writing it out. I'm pretty good at calculating percentage off though.

    And we got Chloe's holiday collar on today too, I know our dogs really appreciate the haute couture collars :)

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. K. Bean: You'll probably have to fight me for that hat if unwanted :)

    Rad: I can't possibly describe in writing how awful working at NM was! And thanks for the aws - I can't even believe it's the same girl in those photos!

    A-Dubs: How about we trade the hat for your fabulous pashmina? And clearly me, you and Fella would get along very well with our sarcastic dorkiness. Which I could've already guessed.

    Lyddie: I think calculating percents off is the only part of math that can be applied out of school anyway :) And Jude was all about his new collar, so it is definitely important for him to be fashionable.