Monday, November 22, 2010

30 for 30, Day 14: Remixing the Red Dress

On Day 3 of the challenge, I wore this red dress while channeling my inner Joan Holloway.  Emily commented that it will be interesting to see how I can remix the red dress again during the challenge.  This is what I had in mind for a remix, but I wouldn't have guessed that a few changes would make the dress look so different!  I experienced the same phenomenon when I remixed a navy dress (the original outfit was here), but it still blows my mind that a few different pieces can change up an outfit so much.  I kept the black tights and heels (although these tights are thicker and patterned), and added a blazer, belt and black beaded necklace.  I think the first iteration of this dress looked like a more classic style, definitely a nod to Joan's time.  The remix looks a bit more modern.

I'm pretty excited that it's finally Thanksgiving week.  I'm working today and tomorrow, and then off for the rest of the week!  How's your week looking?

Dress (item #22): Target
Blazer (item #6): H&M
Heels (item #28): Naturalizer
Belt & Tights: Target
Necklace: New York & Company


  1. Oooooooh, nice! I think I might even love it more accessorized -- and it was rather awesome on its own too.

    Next remix: adding complementary colors. I know you can do it!

  2. That dress is a great color on you. I like it best moderned-up with the jacket and accessories, but it looks good in both remixes.

  3. Great remixing! I have trouble layering over my grey version of that dress because of the style of the sleeves, but it looks like that problem isn't plaguing you.

  4. Kristen: Perhaps you could give me a hint on a complimentary color for red? :) I know black is playing it safe, so it'd be fun to get even more colorful!

    Cynthia: I like today's version a little better too, which surprised me because I thought nothing would top the dress on its own!

    LHdM: I meant to mention the trouble with layering this, actually. I tried my black cardigan but the crewneck of the cardi looked awful with the high neck of the dress. I do have a v-neck cardigan that seems to have slightly looser sleeves that worked okay, but it wasn't on my item list. I'd definitely try a jacket with your grey dress - perhaps that nice purple/burgundy one that you wore last week?

  5. Great remixing! I always like the look of a dress under a blazer. It's a nice mix of feminine and masculine cuts. The belt and the necklace really do change the dress so much. Way to rock this remix.
    You also look holiday festive appropriate. Yeay for short work week!

  6. I think the dress looks great with the blazer. It looks really different with the necklace and the blazer.

  7. You know you could always go to purple with that red dress. Red's complement is green, but that would be pushing it dangerously close to Christmas tree territory unless you go with an olive green or something. Red and teal is one of my favorites, but that red looks a little on the pink side, which might not work as well.

    Kristen might have totally different ideas though -- she works part of the spectrum I'm afraid to touch (rust, mustard, etc).

  8. Cute remix! I second Cynthia's purple suggestion. I love red and purple together.

  9. I have no suggestions. Because I love red and black. And because I'm adding this dress to the size 10 swap list. Because it is awesome and hugs your curves. And because I want it to hug mine, and I have no Target access.

    Also, how did I miss the earlier iteration? I'm heading back to see. . .

  10. Oh, I need this dress. I liked it in the first iteration, but I like this one even better!

  11. You look outstanding! Amazing what a belt and a blazer can do. Plus, can I say again, this haircut is super excellent on you.

    OK, I asked my graphic designer husband and he recommends tan/camel to go with burgundy. Which is funny, because I was thinking this dress would look awesome with a leopard print cardigan or shoe. I also think a dark teal could be delightful. Like Cynthia noted, the compliment to red is green, and hubs says with burgundy you want to go super dark on your green, like hunter. Lastly, navy could be a sweet mix.

  12. Rad: Wow, good point about combining masculine and feminine cuts! I hadn't picked up on that before.

    Rebecca: Thanks! I almost can't believe it's the same dress!

    Cynthia: Chic on the Cheap had a great red/purple dress yesterday, so I can definitely see that combo! It actually is a pretty pure red, so teal might work - I'm not sure if I have anything dark enough though. And I could totally see this with a Kristen-inspired yellow... if only I could wear yellow!

    K. Bean: Red and purple it is!

    A-Dubs: I guess I could share this in the swap, as long as I get some cute shoes in return :) Or maybe I could just mail you your very own, since I have fairly unlimited Target access.

    Terri: I bet this would look nice with today's white jacket, actually :)

    Emily: The dress is more red than burgundy in person, but I think all of you and your hubs' ideas would work! I could definitely do navy, and I LOVE the idea of a leopard print with this! Gah, why don't I own any leopard print?

  13. Oh, this is a great dress. I like the second remix even more than the first. Everyone has great ideas for your third time wear. As a survivor of a color explosion week I've learned red looks good with everything so go crazy!