Friday, November 5, 2010

Internet and me


Happy Friday, bloggy buddies. Today, I am trying to be extra productive. First, by showering and changing from my lounge-y sleepwear to lounge-y home office wear. Also, I will be disconnecting my internet. There is just too much distracting me right now, and I justify my internet connection by saying, "What I have to look something up?" I definitely don't need to do that today, though, as I am mostly editing. So wish me luck (and I'll try to respond to comment/comment on your blogs after 10 hours. I don't work that whole time, I take breaks!)
Today, I was inspired by both Anne's ability to rock the belt over cardigans, and the grey-blue colors of Style Underdog's outfit yesterday. While I lack her awesome blue suede shoes, this slip dress from the late 90s that my old roommate (the bride from the wedding Anne and I attended in August) gave me in college is a similar color. I usually wear it at the beach/in summers, but it's also pretty good for working from home.

This pretty much sums up how I've been feeling this semester

And since this blog is often as much about pets, lifestyles, politics, and friendship (as it is about style), I present you Mr. Sad Pants Buster, post-op:

Actually, he's pretty peppy for someone who had surgery yesterday. At first, he went nuts with that Elizabethan collar on- bumping into things and falling like a fainting goat. But now he's used it, eating and drinking (out of a gigantic bowl). He somehow managed to wiggle his way out of it around 11:30 last night, but we tightened just a bit, and he seems to have accepted it as inevitable. Also, the boy loves his pain medicine.
Have a lovely weekend, Style Nation!

Sweater coat: Brooklyn Industries
Grey under-sweater: Uniqlo
Slip dress: NY&Co., donated by friend
Sweater tights: from a street vendor in downtown Brooklyn (in front of Trader Joe's)
Boots: Palladium
Belt: Presence, Chicago


  1. You look so comfy and warm today! I LOVE that sweater! It's actually pretty rare that I belt on top of a sweater - I prefer it if most of my belt is hiding underneath. However, I like what you've done with this. I'm inspired to find my sweater coat and try it out.

    And poor Buster! Jude's been really slacking on getting on the blog this week, so I'm glad Buster can represent.

  2. I adore that illustration. It is SO my life. So so so soooo my life.

  3. I love the belted sweater coat!

    Poor Buster! I hope his time in the cone of shame is brief!

    I am trying to write an article, but I haven't met my word count goals for two days running now... In 20 minutes I'm going to banish myself from the internet for at least an hour. I swear!

  4. The chunky cardigan and belt is such a fabulous combo! I no longer have internet at home, so I feel your pain!

  5. Congrats on Buster's neutering!

    This outfit looks comfortable but yet pulled together and I really like that shade of blue on you.

  6. Poor Buster. Obviously neutering is good for him, but he looks so sad in the cone.

    The belted sweater looks lovely on you.

  7. Love the belted sweater, and the touch of blue amidst the neutrals.

  8. I, too, am very enjoy about this outfit.

    'Just kidding. I'm marking and student writing is invading my brain.

    'Poor Buster. It's adorable how small his cone is.

    Also, so? How'd it go?

  9. p.s. Not kidding about enjoying your outfit. Just about the writing.

  10. Hello internet I just finished a 2 million dollar grant proposal that probably won't get funded!!! But if it does we're going to VEGAS!

  11. That image is eerily resonant with my own work habits.

    This outfit looks like the perfect working from home outfit: comfy & cozy, but still put together so that you can't easily convince yourself that today will be your day off. Not that I would know anything about that...

    Also, YAY CYNTHIA!!

  12. I like your look! It's a wonder that we don't find human beings wearing similar collars.

  13. @Rebecca and Sal: Buster appreciates your sympathy.
    @Anne: For some reason, I thought you did sometimes belt over? I bet you'd look nice with this look.
    @E-Jo and Emily: Ah, the internet's ability to make research seem like it can wait just 10 minutes
    @Cynthia: Congrats!
    @Kelly: I read somewhere that this was a "look" for fall. Luckily, this sweater is from last year.
    @Jesse: Thank you for your help with Buster's procedure. Yeay for Muffin's certificates!
    @LaHdM and A-Dubs: My work day yesterday was moderately productive: it could have been better, could have been worse. Today will be better, as I disconnect from the internet soon. Hope you enjoy your weekends.
    @FL: Thanks. I would not get internet at home, but we do so much work from home that requires a connection. It's a curse!
    @Terri: Sadly, with opposable thumbs, I don't think we can force people into these cone collars!

  14. I do love belted cardigans, and "unplugging" has strangely become the hardest thing in the world to do. When did we get so bad? that image cracks me up.
    As does lampshade kitty. hahah. poor buster!

  15. That's a very Beau and Bella cat contraption! poor little guy, how's he doing.

    You and A both look great. Miss you big time.

  16. I love the wide belt over the chunky cardigan. Cute buttons.

    Poor Buster.