Wednesday, November 24, 2010



I did not cancel classes, which many of my colleagues did today. Oops, I mean, we're not allowed to ever cancel, but on days like today with significant absences, some professors provide alternative class assignments. Since we won't have full attendance, I went more casual than usual. Plus, there will be cookies for the students. Cookies and talk about genocide.
My parents regretfully live a 2 1/2 hour plane ride away. I wish they lived train distance, though. Because of the distance, I don't travel for Thanksgiving. I haven't traveled since I was an undergraduate, as we only got Thursday and Friday off in graduate school. Plus, I hate holiday travel. And with the new, uber invasive security measures, who doesn't hate holiday travel?
But I am thankful for many things. I am a very lucky person. I've been spending the past two days cold emailing more fancy professors than myself, trying to round up some folks for a panel at our next national conference. Evidently, we junior profs have to network to convince "the field" that we've made a contribution by the time our tenure review rolls around (for me, that will be 2014.) Not everyone has responded, but I feel so lucky that some famous and fancy profs have been really receptive, encouraging, and kind. I am so impressed. I've also been thinking about all the things I am thankful for, that I often take for granted. I have a great partner, a loving (if sometimes fitting cultural stereotypes too well) family, great friends, great cats, a cool city, cute apartment, awesome colleagues and good job. And StyleNation! I am excited to debut this shirt, which I picked up at Beacon's Closet over the week (part of my GAAD controlled cheat). It has scalloped embroidered cuffs and collar! (Edit: It is also very Jesse.anne.o style). Sadly, despite taking more than my usual 3 pictures, I could not make a non-Muppet face at all today. So here's the good stuff. I am breakin' all the rules today with brown and black. I hope that I don't look too much like I am playing a banjo in a bluegrass band (which to me is an enviable look, but is strange to my students). What this outfit clearly needs is a bolo tie. But just like Anne likes to defy the black wool coat wearing crowds in Chicago, I also like to look a little country in the urban-ist city in North America.
Blokey and I have a vegetarian Thanksgiving to attend tomorrow, and I'll try to post my outfit tomorrow. I hope my fellow American friends are enjoying today off!

Cardigan: Express (thrifted)
Skirt: H&M
Shirt: Vintage, Beacon's Closet
Tights: Target
Boots: Born


  1. I love this outfit! That shirt is a great cheat - I'm sure you can get a lot of wear out of it. And have we seen this skirt before? It fits you so well! I'm glad you're still holding class today, and I'm sure the students who do come will appreciate the cookies.

    I'm thankful for you, Rad :) I hope you and blokey have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Ooh. I like this new shirt.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving. I'm doing the same - heading uptown to a veg/an Thanksgiving.

  3. I love that shirt. I'm not traveling for Thanksgiving this year, and I'm excited to cook food at home.

    Have a great holiday!

  4. @Anne: Aw, I'm thankful for you, too, my co-blogger. As I am thankful for our little blogging community.
    @Jesse: I actually thought it was very "you." Perhaps I will edit to include this. Enjoy your uptown dinner.
    @Rebecca: Thanks! Your dinner at home sounds fun. Will you be sharing pictures of your food? Enjoy.

  5. Great shirt! For the record, you don't look like you need a banjo. This is still thoroughly city, and the mix is what makes it twang (in a good way).

  6. This is such a great skirt on you and I love the pop of color in the plaid.

    I'm with you on hating holiday travel. Though on the way out, I'm flying out of the dinky little airport in my city where security only opens 20 min. before your flight. I'm guessing they don't have body scanners.

  7. A banjo? With those boots? Never! Also, that shirt is adorbs and a totally reasonable GAAD cheat. And Anne's right: that skirt fits you like nobody's business. 'Very hipster-professional-sexy - which I for one feel is possibly the best vibe for this pre-holiday day.

    p.s. I am thankful for the StyleNation posse, too. Especially you, Rad, as you were the first person to EVER comment on IPF. Plus you're super-professional (and professionalized), have hardcore style, and are sweet and hot.

  8. So sorry you couldn't cancel class. I teach Tues/Thurs and canceled class last week (for a conference).

    Enjoy your veg Thanksgiving. I write that because moments ago as my husband began to deal with the insides of the turkey, he started yelling at me, "Do not look. DO NOT LOOK! You will get ill. Just keep typing."