Tuesday, November 23, 2010

30 for 30, Day 15: Brrrr!

You know that expression "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes?"  Yeah, that's totally how Chicago is feeling right now.  It was 65 here yesterday, so naturally when I woke up this morning it was only 27 out.  I knew cold weather was on its way, but knowing never makes it easier.  One thing that makes winter more bearable is that I've amassed a pretty good coat collection over the years, so here's another outerwear shot for you.  I snapped this while taking some recyclables out to the alley this morning (glamorous, I know).  I've been seeing Lisa from archivechicago post pictures of her Chicago alley and this morning it just clicked that, duh, I have a similar Chicago alley that's pretty much always empty.  No chance of my neighbors spotting me here.  Which seems weird, since it's a lot less private than the back yard. 

To fight the cold today, I donned a nice warm sweater, and some heavy, lined pants (these were on Sal's list of Winter Weather Must-Haves and seriously, the lining does make a difference - and it just feels nice!).  Get used to this kind of pairing, because it is my default winter-wear.  I should probably work on spicing that up this year.

Stylenation, how can I keep my winter-wear looking fun and different?

Coat: New York & Company (2008)
Scarf: Gap
Hat: Apt. 9 by Kohl's
Sweater (item #8): Gap
Pants (item #19): Limited
Shoes (item #28): Naturalizer
Nude fishnet trouser socks: Target
Scarf: Embellish
Brooch: Etsy


  1. Ah, the coat collection of a Chicagoan - a Kansan's true desire. I once visited a friend in Chicago, of course forgetting to pack an appropriate coat, and when she opened her coat closet to loan me one I about died. The options, the styles, the choices!

  2. toasty and cute. And yes a good collection of coats is needed for long winters. Otherwise you'd get bored - just one coat for months on end?

  3. Emily: It's funny you mention that - I had the same experience before I moved here. I visited my friends in May and, silly me, didn't pack a wool coat. It was pretty chilly, so I borrowed a coat from my friend, and marveled at her collection too. Coats are one thing that I do indulge in - I get a new one every year (though often as a Christmas gift).

    La Fille: Good point, one coat for several months would be awful!

  4. Such a cute coat. You have the cutest coats. I like how you matched the blues of your coat and your sweater. Very nice.
    Also, that's great about the alley. I think Rebecca from MinnChic also takes photos in her alley sometimes. I miss midwest city alleyways!

  5. I woke up to 10 degrees here this morning, so I definitely feel your chilly pain. I love the coat and hat! And could those pants look any better on you?!?

  6. Oh, it's chilly here too! I didn't include any lined trousers in my remix and actually wore a knee length skirt with tights that kept creeping down to my knees. Such a problem, I complained aloud to my students about it. I've just recently begun to build a collection of coats...

  7. I always feel like I needed fewer coats in the Midwest than I do in Charlotte. If you wake up in Wisconsin and it's cold, you need a mighty, heavy, coat, fashion be damned, and you need it all day. If you wake up in Charlotte and it's cold, you might need three different layer combinations by the end of the day and none of them better be too warm or too heavy.

    My mom and I might be going coat shopping tomorrow. Ostensibly for her, but I sense danger.

    Re: keeping the winterwear interesting, I always did a lot with calf-length skirts (print, interesting heavy jacquard knits, wool) and boots. It is so easy to make a simple knit column skirt with an elastic waist even I (sewing illiterate) can do it, and I had several of them that I made while in grad school.

  8. I love your blue peacoat. As someone who doesn't really live in a winter climate anymore (for god's sake, I have the air-con back on as it was in the 80s today), I'm actually looking forward to pulling out my red winter coat I bought last year and reuniting with my hot pink pea coat when I begin my Montreal holiday.

    My winter outfits were also pre-blog and intensely boring so I've got no suggestions. But I'm looking forward to seeing you show winter how it's done! (Which you totally will/ are already!)

  9. I take pictures in my alley occasionally, but today I broke down and took picutes inside because it was so cold. That coat is super cute.

  10. It only seems to take a few cold winters to collect an array of wool coats, and I too indulge in at least one new coat each winter!

    I suppose winters best accessory is the scarf - they can definitely keep things looking fresh!

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. Seriously? That's what you wear to take out the recycling? Maybe we can't be friends; you might be too together and grown up for me.

    I kid. I'm a kidder.

    In other news, I like the idea of a "winter coat collection." I enjoyed the beginnings of such a collection in my last city. In my current city, I'm starting over. Anything that's not a sleeping bag with arms won't be enough between December and March. In fact, I'm already into my giant shapeless black puffer this month. This is a bleak fact.

    But enough about me. LHdM's right: those pants fit you like they were custom made. (were they?) Also, is the lining polyester, or some other more natural fabric? (I ask because my lined pants induce a LOT of sweating due to unnatural fabrics pressed all day against my lower cheeks.)

    Finally, you look divine in jewel tones. I can't decide which jewel tone is best on you. Blue is pretty great. But so are purple and pink. .. .

  12. You look great, the coat is beautiful!! your blog is adorable :)
    take care hugs from chile!!


  13. Rad: The matching coat/sweater combo was totally unintentional. I just really really like my blue coat.

    LHdM: Thanks! And I'm sorry it's even colder there - definitely not ready for 10 degree weather just yet!

    Terri: Your tights were falling down to your knees? That's the absolute worst!

    Cynthia: True, I don't get a lot of coat variety in the real dead of winter, which I imagine lasts a bit longer in WI. And I really do need to skirt up more for winter. If I didn't have 2 miles of walking to get to/from the train to my office, I'd probably wear them more often. I should work on that.

    E-Jo: Red and pink winter coats? Go Team Winter Color! I refuse to own the standard black wool coat that everyone seems to have around here. I mean, not without some colorful accessories. And I suppose I would miss my coats without winter. But I'd find a way to get by.

    Rebecca: I took a few without the coat out in the alley and it was pretty cold! I'm just not ready to resign myself to only indoor photos just yet though.

    Lyddie: You and me both! I asked for a black and white plaid peacoat this year for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to adding that to the collection. And scarves are definitely a good way to keep things interesting without spending a lot.

    A-Dubs: Wow, you should see what I wear to take out the actual trash, and not just the recyclables. Who doesn't have custom-made recycling pants? Geez.

    Seriously though, I just bought them off the rack. They probably are my best-fitting pants. The lining is a poly/rayon blend. And I've definitely had similar sweating issues when I've worn them in weather warmer than 30. Today, however, not so much.

    And it doesn't get to be mandatory down sleeping bag weather here until January, so I guess there's that to be said for Chicago. I can get away with wool and layering until then.

  14. Just stumbled across your blog and glad I did, enjoying your outfits I especially like these grey trousers with the blue jumper x

  15. Just stumbled across your blog and glad I did, enjoying your outfits I especially like these grey trousers with the blue jumper x

  16. I take pictures in my alley occasionally, but today I broke down and took picutes inside because it was so cold. That coat is super cute.