Monday, November 22, 2010

Bea Arthur


The last time I wore this outfit, I was told that I was dressing like Bea Arthur by a colleague of mine. Of course, this is a huge compliment. I love Bea Arthur as she is clearly a B.A. In fact, I want more turtlenecks as I get cold in the neck area easily but find scarfs in the winter to be heavy. Turtlenecks are supposedly no-nos for the long torso-ed, but I like to live dangerously. Today, I have a full day of meetings and teaching. I hope that my human rights activity goes well in class today, but who knows. There's 6 class sessions left in the semester, and so it's definitely the time of the semester where everything moves just a little slower than you expect. Hopefully, not the train.
Hope everyone has a lovely Monday!

Turtleneck: Uniqlo
Cardigan (with Mr. Chips-esque hole in the sleeve): Uniqlo (it is from 2007 , though)
Skirt: Uniqlo
Tights: Beacon's Closet
Boots: Palladium, via Heavenly Soles


  1. Just stumbled on your blog! I love turtlenecks. People make fun of them, but they keep my neck nice and toasty and THAT'S WHAT COUNTS!

    And you do, in fact, look super toasty. I'm jealous.

  2. I wonder why turtlenecks are bad with long torsos - do they make you look too long or something? I think you've combated that by tucking it in to your skirt.

    Good luck with the last 6 sessions! I remember the end of semesters always flying by, but probably because I had more projects and papers due than I had time to actually finish.

  3. Hmm, I don't get Bea Arthur at all, but agree she is supremely awesome! I love the subtle stripe of the turtleneck!

  4. I don't get a Bea Arthur vibe, but I tent to think of her in her flowey "Golden Girls" outfits. Bea Arthur rocks though, and I like the turtleneck on you.

  5. I thought it was that turtlenecks are bad on the large of boob. Whatever the cause, they are bad on me.

    Also, you go Bea, you look fab today!

  6. Oh my Maude, such a cute outfit! The turtleneck looks great, so living dangerously obviously agrees with you.

  7. yep, I'm with the others. LOVE THIS. Also, I hadn't heard about the "no turtlenecks for longbodies" rule. Please elaborate.

  8. HA, dude, no, until you have a vast boyfriend cardigan collection that you frequently wear with long scarves like I do, THEN you will have earned the Bea Arthur nickname. :-D

  9. Nope, don't see the Bea in this Rad outfit. This reminds me more of Ali in Love Story gone BA with the boots. I stopped wearing t-necks awhile ago. They made me feel claustrophobic. This outfit has inspired me to try them again. Once again, Rad turning up the volume on cool.

  10. I think this turtle neck looks lovely on you - the high waisted skirt counteracts the point you made about wearing polo neck tops when you've got a long torso.

  11. @Lexy: Thanks for popping by. I enjoyed peeking over at your blog too.
    @Anne: I think it just adds length to what's already long. Luckily, I don't listen to this kind of advice that often (I mean, one can only camouflage the obvious so well).
    @FL: I think when I wore this with a long, less structured cardigan, maybe it was kinda "Maude"?
    @Rebecca: Turtlenecks are on my "breaking the fast" GAAD allowance.
    @Cynthia: So many rules. I've heard that higher necks are good on the more small of boob, too. Too much conflicting advice.
    @KBean- yeay for the rule breakers (I was thinking Maude too, although it would be better if I had a stiff necked jacket on top. Maude is probably one of the best names in the world).
    @A-Dubs: I think Trinny and Susannah may have told me this. Since Trinny is a class long-body/torsoed type, I thought I'd listen. But I think there's something very Diane Keaton elegant about the turtleneck, that I'm throwing caution to the wind.
    Maybe a necklace "breaking up" the long line would be good. Nice time.
    @Kristen: I have some! I am working on it!
    @SU: Love Story is a supreme compliment! All 1970s-oriented fashions are held in high regard in my book. I bet that you would look so elegant in a turtleneck. When I age, I will wear them all the time.
    @Annabel: Thanks. Those Uniqlo turtlenecks look very tempting. All those colors.

  12. Stripe-y turtleneck! My favorite! This is such a "Rad" look -- all kinds of awesome. My inclination here would be to add a shot of color in a necklace but there's something so striking about the not-quite monochromatic look.

  13. I generally think it's a good idea to ignore fashion 'rules' - there is pretty much an exception for everyone!
    especially since you look perfectly proportioned in your turtleneck.

    Chic on the Cheap