Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 for 30, Day 10: Pot Luck

Happy Thursday, Stylenation!  The extremely keen observer may possibly know that I don't typically go to the office on Thursdays (okay, the only people who really know my schedule from week to week are me and my dog walker).  Today we're having a Thanksgiving pot luck lunch at work, and I definitely can't pass up the opportunity to socialize with my team and cook up a bunch of food (if you're wondering, I made a double batch of my Irish Beef Stew, since it's technically an International Food Day, and a Guinness-based stew is as close as I come to celebrating my Irish heritage when it comes to food).

Yesterday's outfit felt somewhat conservative with the blazer included, so I feel like today's outfit is a good contrast to that.  Lyddie commented on yesterday's post about dressing in cozy knits when you'd rather be sleeping all day.  Enter the sweater dress.  It's safe to say that it's been at least 20 years since I've donned a sweater dress.  I wish I could find a picture of a dress that looks even a little bit like the sweater dress that I remember from the 80's.  It was a huge pastel print, totally shapeless (pretty much equivalent to wearing a bag) and so incredibly ugly that even as an 8-year-old, I knew it was a serious fashion faux pas.  You can see why I've stayed away for so long.  But today's sweater dresses are different, so I'm giving them another chance.  They're a little bit more structured, and don't have ridiculously bad prints.  At least this one doesn't.  It's warm, cozy, comfy and doesn't look half bad.

I had kind of a hard time accessorizing this though, because the neckline doesn't really lend itself to necklaces.  So I went with my favorite pink brooch and some coordinating earrings.  I think a scarf or belt might work next time too.  I added some purple tights for another pop of color.

Since it's getting chilly here, I thought I'd throw in some outwear too.  This coat really does fit me, but my timer went off at about the exact second I realized that my neighbor was home, and looking out the window at me and my self-timed pictures.  I don't really care I guess (I'm fairly certain he already thinks I'm weird), but it caught me off guard, so this is me pulling my hands out of my pockets to grab my camera and scurry back upstairs.  I'll try to get another picture sometime soon though, because I like the pink and purple tweed that this coat has going on.

What personal fashion faux pas are you giving a second chance?

Sweater Dress (item #23): Limited
Shoes (item #25): Tsubo
Tights: New York & Company
Brooch: Etsy
Earrings: New York & Company



  1. First, this dress looks outstanding on you. Second, I totally know what you mean about the horrendous nature of sweater dresses of the '80's. Pastel, boxy shoulders, covered in an atrocious print; I think I owned the same one. Maybe that's why I like the new breed so much. They've really come so far!

  2. Ditto Emily Kennedy!

    I hope you enjoy your potluck!

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the purple tights with this.
    Fashion faux pas that I'm giving a second chance? Leggings. I am very late to the party on leggings, partly because I needed to come to terms with the fashion traumas of their last appearance in the trend cycle.

  4. I might give sweater dresses a second chance, if I lived somewhere where I could wear them more than 2-3 months out of the year! I have one. You'll maybe get to see it in January/February.

    You look great!

  5. I really like your coat.

    I also have the sweater dress a second change. In the 80s I had a could of giant sweater dresses that had sequins on the shoulders. Why did my mom buy those things for me?

  6. The purple tights and grey dress work so well together here. And yeay for showing off your beautiful coat.
    I love sweater dresses, but I find that they often err on the wrong side of sexy/short for the classroom. I haven't bought any in a while (since last November), so maybe I'll "allow" myself one during my cheat shopping.
    That link to your Irish stew has made me hungry all morning.

  7. Emily: Ooh, we could've been horrible sweater dress twins in the 80's! They really have come a long way though, thankfully.

    LHdM: Thanks! And ditto as in you had a horrible sweater dress in the 80's too? Did anyone not?

    K. Bean: I still can't bring myself around to leggings on me because I don't think they'd be very flattering, but I do *like* the look of them now, which definitely took a while.

    Cynthia: I'd be happier to not have sweater dress weather for so much of the year! It was only 30F here when I got up this morning. I'll be looking for yours this winter though :)

    Rebecca: Sequined sweater dress? That sounds awful, like, amusingly so. I think our moms shopped at the same stores back then too.

    Rad: Tell me about being hungry - there's 5 or 6 crock pots about 5 feet away from my desk. I can't wait for lunch! And I think if you paired a dress like this with leggings and boots (which I would if not for my rippling, muscular calves), it could be appropriate. Or fun weekend wear :)

  8. pph! chic! LOve this on you and that coat too! such a great color!

    I've recently got into wearing harem pants- as seen here

    Never thought I'd wear them but they can look cute and and are so comfy.

  9. oooh, the sweater dress is beautiful on you! I love the pop of purple in the tights.

  10. That's a fantastic sweater dress -- and it looks particularly great with the purple tights. I have a sweater dress that I just about never wear because I find it both too clingy and too hot. Maybe I'll have to break it out in a couple of weeks.

    Also, you totally inspired me with your stew making!

  11. The purple tights & gray dress are great together, Anne. Lovely outfit. Great twisting dog, too.

  12. sweater dresses slipped on to my radar a couple winters ago and I really adore them. they are easily as stylish as any other dress, just in a more cozy, pajama like way.

    jude in the first photo is awesome.

    and don't worry about your neighbors. they will learn to ignore you eventually.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. I always love purple and purple tights are my fave. You look fall-perfect!


    Come say Bonjour at:


  14. This sweater dress looks great! Sweater dresses have never been my friend; something about the cling factor that always makes me uncomfortable. But you are making me re-think the sweater dress because this one is totally fabulous and I, like you, live in the Frozen North and freeze my bag off every day of the winter.

    And I love your pink coat. Love it. I need a coat that is not brown or camel. Or boring.

  15. Ooooh, love that sweater dress on you!

    Isn't it embarrassing getting caught taking photos? I am tired of my office corner, but it's better than the alternative.