Monday, November 29, 2010

November Dreamin'


I think I figured out how to make Monday easier- sleep most of the day when you are possibly sick on a Friday. I didn't get that much sleep last night (6 hours?) because I have an uber early appointment with a tech person at work at 9 AM (I know, that's later than most 9-5-ers get to the office, so I won't whine too much). I had a lovely Thanksgiving meal at a friend's house with many other nice people, but Blokey and I both got tired earlier than we would have liked. Also, I was sneezing all through out Wednesday and Thursday. I decided to take the "holiday" part of the weekend seriously and did almost no work on Friday. And we didn't do any shopping all weekend (except a couple gift purchases online). But here's the weird thing- I dreamt about doing crazy amounts of shopping on Friday night, and when I woke up on Saturday morning, I was so relieved. Hm, what is my self-conscious saying about GAAD?
Looking back over these past few posts, I realize that I am such a cardigan gal, like my beautiful co-blogger. I need to sneak in some sweaters and blazers soon.
I hope that you're equally energized and ready for this work week. I have 4 classes left after today. (Not quite as awesome as E-Jo's schedule). Speaking of those fine ladies at In Professorial Fashion, they're hosting a lovely giveaway, between now and December 15 (the end of the semester!) If you're a jewelry person, I highly recommend that you enter their contest!

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: H&M
Cardigan: Dillard's junior section (very old)
Belt: Not Just Vintage
Tights: Target


  1. I have four days of classes left including today and 6 classes to teach in those four days. My first finals will start coming in next Tuesday morning....

    I hope you are able to avoid getting sick and that those sneezes go away!

  2. I do love a cardigan, or 10. I actually started cleaning out my closet over the weekend and weeded out 6 cardigans that I haven't worn in over a year! Those should probably be donated.

    I love the pop of color from the red belt! That's the sort of pop that all of us need on a Monday morning. I hope you're feeling better!

  3. I love cardigans. They are so easy to wear and always look stylish. Both you and Anne wear your cardigans well.

  4. 9am is EARLY!

    I "need" a skinny red belt like this.

  5. Hi Rad, Keep the cardis coming. You (and Anne) do the cardi thing so well. Like this outfit here, another Rad creation that I may need to copy.

  6. I agree, you two show the cardigans who's boss.

    Only three (teaching) days to go! And since my grad class is over now, only one class per each of these days. You can do it Rad! And LHdm!

  7. Whats not to love about the cardigan? you can wear it open, you can wear it closed, you can belt it, you can even tuck it. oh yes.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I love the cardigan over the chambray shirt - I always feel like I look too cowgirlish in those shirts so this might be a good solution! The skinny red belt is insanely cute!

  9. Hi Rad, Keep the cardis coming. You (and Anne) do the cardi thing so well. Like this outfit here, another Rad creation that I may need to copy.