Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post election day blues


I may not seem sad, because Buster was engaged in antics off to the side. And this was no surprise. And there are some positives. Anyway, I'm still hopeful that good things can happen, although I don't know when. And although I am a fan of his party platform, I did not vote for the Rent is 2 Damn High Party candidate for governor (my Canadian friend J blames me for the rent being too damn high, as a result).
Anyway, clothes. Or more importantly- boots!

From the side:
(Please excuse our messy floors). The shape of these boots make my feet look a little big, but that's probably because my feet are a little big. Which is cool, because I am very balanced on my feet.

I was super behind on Monday, as I spent Saturday at the Rally for Sanity/Fear. It was crazy, awesome, exciting, and chaotic. Blokey and I caught a ride on the Huffington Post free buses from CitiField early on Saturday AM, and made it back up to Queens by 8:30. After all that queuing, and sanity, we went straight to Jackson Diner.

(America does need more cowbell)

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting WhatIWore and La Fill d'Or for vegan brunch in East Williamsburg. They are both very sweet and even better looking than in their pictures. But it took a while to get there from Bed-Stuy, and all of the sudden it was noon, and I had piles of class prep and grading left to do. (Sorry for my rapid exit, ladies). Sunday afternoon-Monday totally kicked my butt. It seems that this weekend, I over did my "quota of fun."*
Luckily, today is a half day. Weird, I know, but they only can celled evening classes for Rosh Hashanah back in September, so no day classes today. So I luxuriously woke up at 7:45 today. And we are watching a film on counter insurgency in my one class today, hence the super casual look.
We have 5 1/2 weeks left in the semester. This both makes me happy and concerned, as my piles of work I planned to have done by now are still on my "to do" list. Luckily, I can dedicate much more of my weekend (Thursday-Sunday) to research and writing.

Shirt: Loft (Swap)
Cardigan: Uniqlo
Jeans: Blank (via Cliche, Minneapolis)
Boots: Born


  1. The boots are KILLER! And super jealous that you made it to the rally. Lucky East Coaster.

  2. I'm just as not happy about the election returns. Ugh. But at least we all got to be sane for a couple days this weekend.

    And I LOVE those boots now that we're seeing them close-up. Those would cheer me up :)

  3. *sigh* I'm not surprised by the turn of events, but it still is disappointing to me.

    Those boots are seriously excellent in every way! I'm glad you got them!

  4. I love the boots! I just bought my first pair of black boots the other day and they are Born too! A bunch of my friends went to the rally and I'm totally jealous! I am also jealous of your meet-up! Guh, MN disappointed me this year... if we turn into a red state, I'm heading north to Canada for realz.

  5. I really like those boots.

    I am disappointed in the election results in MN too. I'm jealous that you got to go to the rally.

  6. @Sal and Rebecca: I was representing my fellow midwesterners (in spirit).
    @LaHdM: I was kind of hoping that the pollsters were wrong. Darn you (shakes fist).
    @Future Lint: I'm excited to see your new boots on your blog!
    @Anne: Blues it is, but I am trying to cheer myself with the awesomeness of the boots!

  7. BA bootage, Rad. They are cheering me, too, on this disappointing day-after.

    'Can't wait to see them in more BA ensembles.

    In other news, I, too, am super-jealous that you guys got to the sanity rally!

  8. Love, love those boots. So Rad.

    I'm jealous too of your chance to go to the sanity rally!

  9. Oh, those boots are legend...wait for it...dary. Yep, they are.
    So, the only rally around these here parts was the rally against gay marriage. Yep, that's wear I live. Needless to say, we didn't go.

  10. I'm with style underdog! Love the boots.

    I'm also super jealous of your brunch.

  11. I am a bit disappointed with the election results as well. Since I live in a red state, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, but a girl can wish, right?

    In fashion news, I love your boots too.

  12. Excellent, excellent boots! Sorry about the disappointing election. If it's any consolation (probably isn't) our PM is mostly crazy in a Tea Party fashion, though at least he only has a minority government. For now. Obama is so much better than Harper (except for their similar stance on same-sex marriage; I'm very disappointed in Obama's backing away from that issue with such cowardice).

    And really, has anyone in the Tea Party considered that their name invokes an event of domestic terrorism?

  13. Oh man! I love those boots. I too got the election blues my fren'

    It was really great meeting you! And, thanks for all your tips!

    Good luck with the work load!