Monday, October 4, 2010


Sweater day

First, I just realized that Anne's Friday post was our 200th post! Thanks to everyone who stops by our humble home on the StyleNation blogosphere. We really appreciate the community that has developed over your blogs and our blog. Yeay!

Yesterday, inspired by Style Underdog, I packed away my summer stuff and took out my winter stuff. I have a lot of clothes. I was supposed to pick out stuff to donate, but instead, I stuffed it back into our little closet. I can figure that out later, right? Also, I decided that this clothing chore made yesterday a very productive day, even if my writing goals may not have been met. A girl has got to dress, right?
I maybe jumped the gun on wearing the fuzzy cold weather gear. I was a bit warm on the crowded subway today in my "light" wool. But as I round out month number 3 (?) of GAAD (I started the 3 week of July), I am happy to have "new" clothes to play with.
Hmm... upon photographic inspection, I do believe this would have benefited from a belt. Mental note for next time. Also, my experiment of showering in the evening to save me 20 minutes (I get cold in the fall, preheat, and have to shiver in my robe for 10 minutes) in the morning seems to have had undesired effects of creating a more "windblown" look than usual. Perhaps I should consider some sort of hair product.

Cynthia once asked about my huge suitcases full of seasonal clothes. Here they are. In my defense, I also have special occasion clothes in here that don't deserve to take up closet space (my shalwar kameez, or my cat halloween outfit, for example).

And here's my hurricane of seasonal clothes changing. (I may have held onto a few of these items that I can wear with layers for the next month or so.)
Hope you had a productive and fun weekend. Happy Monday, StyleNation!

Sweater: Uniqlo
Jersey Dress: H&M
Shoes: Ecco
Necklace: gift


  1. I'm always intrigued when people stash away stuff according to season. I mainly just wear the same stuff, but in the winter I'll wear thick tights and long sleeve tees underneath. The only thing I swap round is my coats/jackets. But then, summer lasts about 5 minutes in scotland, and you're never far away from a cold spell even in July.

    Congrats on post no 200!

  2. Wow, 200 posts? That's crazy.

    I like today's outfit without a belt, and I definitely feel the same way once I start swapping out clothes as the seasons change. Last week while moving furniture down to the basement, I noticed a couple big bags full of sweaters that I knew I had down there, but had kind of forgotten about. So I'm pretty excited about getting those back in the rotation soon.

  3. a) I LOVE your outfit today. That's so awesome.

    b) When are you going to wear all those cool things that are piled on your bed? I spy dresses there that we've never even seen!

  4. I am also feeling the love for this outfit!

    Traditionally, I have swapped clothes out seasonally, but now I have a much bigger closet. My hope is that it will push me to try to autumnize a number of my more summery pieces.

  5. I am always in denial about the cold. It's just this seasonal thing when you wear sandals through October and let your toes freeze a little since you don't want to give them up, meanwhile you keep your tights on in May until your legs can't take it anymore.

    While it is nice to get back your winter stuff, the act of taking it out is so dreaded - I commend you for getting it done already!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I need to pack away some of my summer things soon. I wear some of my summer dresses well into autumn with sweaters ans tights, but some dresses and things like short-sleeved sweaters don't get any use.

    I like that skirt on you.

  7. Cute pattern on the dress - reminds me of a bird's eye view of a city! I am too lazy to pack away my clothes by season and luckily I have enough closet space to just leave it all!

  8. I like your outfit for the day! And great that you got your seasonals sorted and stashed. It's tough when you're short on closet space. : )

    I will be looking to my NYC blog amigas to help me decide what to bring for our trip in just a couple weeks!

  9. Nice seasonal sartorial work, Rad. And I agree with Anne: today's outfit's awesome even without a belt. Future LInt's description of the dress pattern is making it even more interesting to me. In fact, I'm scrolling up, again, for another gander. Have we seen those echo flats before? Also, are they comfortable? (I need a new pair.)

    Finally, I'm with Cynthia: when do we get to see some of the cool dresses from the pile?

  10. I love the pattern on the dress!

    Yay for fall fashion and layering. We're almost there in Texas too!

  11. Like everyone else, I love the pattern on the dress. I love a geometric pattern and the pops of yellow seal the deal. Pops of yellow also seem to be the Rad signature.

    All my clothes are out all year round. I'm far too lazy to move things around and, since I live alone, all closet space in the house is all mine! Apart from the mini-FR's costume storage of course.

  12. That is a brilliant idea! Seasons in suitcases. I have to admit I just keep all my stuff crammed into my small closet. I DO swap out my kids' seasonal clothes and can't figure out why I never thought to do it. My clothes would look much nicer not all squished.

    I have a large bathroom and keep a dresser in there and that's where I keep the kids' off season stuff. I may have take that dresser back for my own stuff!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. @Rebecca: Happy to have given you ideas (I started this back when I was doing field research and all my stuff was in suitcases. When I moved to a smallish room in Brooklyn, it stayed with me!)
    @Franca: I wish I could have worn my summer stuff with layers but I was itchin' to make the change. I left a few out to wear later.
    @Cynthia and A-Dubs: I swear, I've worn them all! But this just confirms- I have too many clothes. This year of not shopping will have to do me some good. (Other than making my "to-buy" list astronomically long)
    @E-Jo: yes, we mustn't crowd Mini FR's costumes! The actual color is more of a camel but I like the idea that pops of yellow are my signature (more yellow for my to buy list)
    @FL: City map! That's awesome
    @LaFille: Yes, let's email chat soon. When are you coming again? You'll be just a stone's throw away.
    Lyddie Gal: I both love and hate the cold. Right now, I'm shivering in my non-heated apartment. But I love fall clothes. I'm a contradiction, wrapped in a paradox, surrounded by an enigma.

  14. Love the dress underneath - that's gorgeous!

    I really need to clean out my closet, but it's too late to consign my summer stuff, and I already have mounds of clothes in bags beside my closet (L gives me the evil eye over these).

  15. @Shelia: I am saving some of my clothes for a local swap that Jesse.anne.o told me about. But I know the bag feeling. Blokey actually knocked the closet door off the tracks because of my bags. Oops...