Monday, October 25, 2010

My inner Janet Wood

My inner Janet Wood

Today is exam day, which means I wanted to both put the students at ease and show them I mean business. I was going to go with my grey slacks (my grown up pants) but I didn't like the way the fit (future shopping list- pants that fit). I know a belt is a good option when things are a tad big, but I was into the mood for a bunching waistband. I pulled this out of the darkest reach of my closet. Sure, wearing a late 70s/early 80s secretary dress isn't on anyone's fall "must-have" list, but since I have Janet Wood (brunette from Three's Company) hair, why not her dress? Also, since I will be sitting most of the day, I thought the three inch oxford heels could come and play. I may regret this on the subway tonight, but for now, they're just fun.
Buster has lately been so excited with outfit pictures, it seems that I really should take more. He kind of squeals with happiness when I set up the camera/stool for the outfit shots. Really, I just think he loves the attention.
Have a lovely Monday!

Dress: Not Just Vintage (Brooklyn)
Cardigan: Limited (via a swap)
Shoes: Tarhari (via eBay)
Tights: Target
Belt: Thrifted


  1. You look great. Also, I copycatted you today, and this outfit makes my copycat efforts infinitely more plausible! Check it out.

  2. Janet was always my favorite on Three's Company. And I love this as an exam-giving ensemble!

  3. Buster is a hansome dog! I wish i have long legs like your! Oxford heels just don't work for me.

  4. Well, I am a huge fan of that dress! It looks great how you styled it here! I wish you swift and painless grading this week!

  5. You look so great in color. And I love how our animals like being featured on the blog so much. They're such camera hogs :)

  6. Janet was the best! I loved that show (of course, I was what? 12 years old?).

    You look wonderful in that lovely orange. And I love seeing your kitty. So cute! I think mine has been avoiding the camera lately!

  7. I really like this - I can't believe we haven't seen this dress before! (Have we?)

  8. Ha! 'Yet another wicked Rad ensemble. And today's bonus, as you already know, is that you are illustrating exactly the awesomeness that Cynthia channelled today.

    And now I'm planning another Rad-inspired outfit. Because it's a cool-ass club, and I want in.

  9. Me too, me too, I want to be in the cool-ass club, I think? Wait, is that a good thing? Awesome outfit, awesome referernce to Janet, my husband's fantasy wife. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, it is weird. No, you may not visit in that dress.

  10. Wow, so many lovely complements. Let me respond to each one...
    @Cynthia: I am beyond flattered. And I'm so glad our outfits coordinated!
    @LaFille: Aw, thanks!
    @Sal: My favorite too! My mom had a "Janet" back in the late 70s.
    @MissStudious: Buster is a dog-like cat (for now). He says thanks! Also, I bet the oxfords work better than you think.
    @LaHdM: Thank you! So far, it's been relatively painless (perhaps because I've not started?)
    @Anne: The animals are probably 1/2 the fun!
    @Sheila: I watched it in reruns, and I thought she was the coolest! The dress is more like a bright red-orange, which I never thought would work for me, but I quite like looking like a tomato.
    @Rebecca: Thanks. I will try to do some more color later.
    @Jesse: I've worn it twice on the blog, and have had trouble "remixing" something this distinctive. The only thing new here is the shoes this time.
    @A-Dubs: I need to get on the ball with Cynthia and A-Dubs inspired outfits!
    @StyleUnderdog: Ooh, I can lend you the dress. Your husband obviously has very good tastes in wives.

  11. The deep red is so perfect for fall and I love that you belted the cardigan!

  12. Ooooooo, this is a fabulous dress! You look great in that deep red.

  13. awww, you and buster are adorable!
    The color of the dress is lovely and very perfect for fall. You've styled it in a very modern way, so why shouldn't it be on someones list?
    I hope your feet made it through the trip home!

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. oooh--a little late to this party, but wow! Love the three inch oxford and how you've done the dress/belt combo.! I would happily wear this every day for a year.