Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Layer love

Layer love, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

Happy Wednesday. I am running 10 minutes late (which isn't a huge deal) but I must run to catch the express train anon. I wore this dress to the first day of class, and I'm happy to layer it with a button down. The only drawback is when I tailored this $2 thrifted number, the arm pits turned out kinda funny. I'll just be careful when I gesticulate in class (or throw on the office blazer).
The big news for today is that I've decided to splurge on a shiatsu massage tonight after class. This is a rare, once a year/once a semester at most occurrence for me (it will be $90 after a tip, although that's very good for NYC), but I am feeling really stuck, physically and emotionally. I am hoping that having a petite woman walk on my back and sit in a sauna after teaching tonight will do the trick. I've been doing yoga pretty regularly, but I hold a lot of tension in my back, and that all just needs to go away, by a professional.
What about you, StyleNation? Anything you like to do as a way to mentally recharge/start again?
The sun is shining after 3 days of grey and I have a feeling this will be a pretty good day.

(Special message to A-Dubs: I've had these Ecco flats since late 2008, a major shoe splurge post-moving to NYC. They are not comfortable but they work for a brisk walk to work!)

Dress: thrifted and tailored by me
Shirt: JCrew, swapped
Tights: Uniqlo
Shoes: Ecco


  1. Better wonky armpits than a wonky hem, I s'pose! I think the dress looks fab.

  2. Massage sounds awesome! I will have a great dinner and a sound sleep. I can never get enough of a good sleep. I have one dress with a similar armpit problem. Since I haven't worn it for few years, I know I don't need it anymore. However, it's still hard to get rid of the item I am so attached to.

  3. I like that combo! Also, I am sorry your feet don't have the Ecco love. I can walk miles in my Ecco flats.

    I recharge almost daily with Zumba. Loud music, lots of sweat, friendly people, no thinkin'. In NYC you have tons of great opportunities for that kind of thing I bet.

    Massage is excellent too, but I'd have to give up something major to fit it into my budget. Last dance workshop I was at, Donna Mejia taught us to give ourselves a deep tissue massage of back and hips with nothing but a couple of tennis balls. I'm still working on figuring it out with my body but it seems like a pretty good option.

  4. I love this deep red on you - what a great shade.

    I go for a very brisk walk with my music on, look at nature (as much as I can find in a city), breathe deep and enjoy the feeling of my body moving and my muscles being strong. I always feel renewed (which is why I walk every day).

    I hope you feel better after your massage. :)

  5. I like the deep red and gray with the black dress.

    A massage sounds fantastic.

  6. I have never gotten a massage, a crime, I know! I do like yoga but can only do it if I have an instructor, doing it at home with DVDs just doesn't work for me! For me running and biking are my recharging time!

  7. @FL: I highly recommend trying it sometime!
    @Cynthia: My feet are wide, and so they pinched at first. Now, as flats tend to do, they are all stretched out and falling off my feet. Oh well.
    @Sheila: I will have to use your outside exercise strategy over the weekend (although my neighborhood is pretty rough).

  8. ooooo a massage - lucky! I agree with Sheila - I like to just walk outside - apparently there was some study about how walking just a few minutes in an outdoorsy (green?) setting can improve your well being. I walk home from work everyday it's a 45 minute walk and I like to cut through back streets and parks just get a different view than concrete, bodegas, and buildings.

  9. I just got a 75 min Blissage as part of Spa Week recently (which is still going on here, I think?).

    I also like to walk to decompress.

    And I'd like to start doing yoga but I am the type of person who needs an exercise buddy to be accountable and I have yet to find one!

    I like this shirt/dress combo. Sleek!

  10. It's working! I've tried to leave comments the last few days but have only gotten "error 503 (?)". What a pain...
    That shirt looks so rich. I love the color and I really like the grey tights with the whole thing. It gives the outfit an unexpected element. Good for you for getting the massage. I have a feeling you are one of those crazy hard workers and forgets to take time for themselves. Am I right? Enjoy your relaxing evening, or else!

  11. A massage sounds awesome! I'll probably get one about a week after my marathon.

    It would take a sharp eye to notice wonky armpits, and the blazer would hide the lovely layering here!

  12. I love the layering here too. I especially like the grey tights with the burgandy & black.

    A massage sounds fantastic. Though I found today's high-volume sing-along in the car to the new Arcade Fire album on the way to pick up the mini-FR and then home to be remarkably effective too (I live in a suburb with no city--walking through nature or just to walk is really not an option).

  13. I really love this outfit - the color of that shirt looks so wonderful on you!

    I hope your massage helped tonight! That sounds AWESOME, and not just because I spent 8 hours on my feet, lifting, shoveling and sweeping things all day. If I can swing it, sometimes I visit Ohio to recharge. If not, doing absolutely nothing helps, since I hardly ever get a chance for that.

  14. I've never had a professional massage, but it sounds awesome. Enjoy!!

    Is that kitten paw I see?

    Chic on the Cheap

  15. I think massages are a great way to refocus. Enjoy yours! And I absolutely love that outfit, BTW. WIsh I had a LBD like that to layer over button downs.

  16. that dress is so nice! you did a great job tailoring it. and i like that the layered blouse adds color.

    i too started my teaching year with a massage. i went to some chinatown place that is only $40/hour! after 30 minutes i was so relaxed. i'm hoping to go back for another in a month or so.

  17. So, how did it go? Do you feel better? What an excellent idea - and a great way to make it over hump day this week.

    Also, it is stupid that those flats aren't super-comfortable. I despise flat shoes that hurt my feet as they are unnatural abominations in the shoe-a-verse. I'm sorry that you paid good money for them.

    Finally - and I'm sorry to say this last instead of first - you look awesome in this combo. I'm loving the deep colour next to your face, and from my vantage point, the dress is totally working in all areas.

    Oh! I just scrolled up to check you out, again, and I have to add that the contrast between the white kitty paw and the black flats really ups the awesome factor in this ensemble.

  18. Cute! Makes me think of a dress I don't wear much. . . perhaps it's time to bring it out of the closet!