Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today, I'm going for a little more convention/authoritative than usual. Mostly because I gave a test on Monday, and so far they've not been doing so well. I want to up the conventional factor for a few class periods, so they'll be more likely to accept their grades when I return them. I hate that I have to do this as part of an elaborate ruse (as opposed to just wanting to wear a buttondown shirt today) but I found that sometimes it helps. (Sometimes it does not).
I had a meeting on Monday with the nice senior faculty member who observed me and she said that my casual "hipster" professorial style (I think this referred to the fact I called former presidents and military leaders "dudes") worked well in the classroom, I should up the authority at least sometimes. She's right, and I am probably naive about these things. I also think that students can mumble and groan but they still have pretty positive view of the class (made friends, learned a thing or two, watched the professor walk into the podium). But it's good to keep in mind.
Finally, I really have to make Buster's neutering appointment. He is looking so big lately. I made a joke about unneutered cat testicles to my new landlord yesterday (the old, crazy one left all four of her cats behind, even though she claimed she'd take them to Mississippi), and luckily, she laughed and told me I was funny. But it could have been offensive. So note to self- don't make testicle jokes to people you barely know in the future. Lesson from Tuesday.

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Uniqlo
Shoes: Me Too, via DSW


  1. I am pretty sure that I also need to up the fear factor with my students. Do you have any (nonsatorial) tips for how to do so?

  2. @AfTKb: Quizzes, announcements? I am just a big fan of heels as a way to announce "Take me seriously, dudes!"

  3. Yep, don't let those cat testicles hang around too long. It does seem to make a difference to their personality in the long run. Catch 'em early before testosterone warps his brain.

    Good outfit. You still look like a hipster, albeit a conservative one.

  4. Yup, get Buster fixed, stat!

    I like the idea of messing with the students' minds when they think they have you figured out. A casual "dude" ensemble one day, a formal outfit the next. Keep 'em guessing!

  5. I like your elaborate ruse to get them to fear you! I feel the same way sometimes at work... because I look so young I think some of the high school students forget that I work at the school and I am not their friend and I will get them in trouble if they are trying to use my office to skip class.

  6. Eiwwwww cat testicles. But I know what you mean - I have a lot of good jokes about really inappropriate subjects that I have to work really hard to keep to myself in some settings.

    How do you always manage to make neutrals look so good? I feel like it's always totally boring on me.

  7. You look very professional, but still stylish. I hope your elaborate ruse works!

  8. Conservative yet still very Rad. I dig the black and grey - perhaps as I'm wearing black and grey today too (although with some other colors).

    @aftkb, I also recommend a well-timed quiz. Participation is a part of the grade in all of my classes, so I occasionally remind people that if they are not contributing to the discussion or helping to promote a respectful learning environment, they should not be surprised when they see that they are failing or doing poorly in that portion of the grade.

  9. I echo all others here, Rad, in my praise for this full-on-profesh ensemble. And I totally support the use of clothing to help students remember - or even reframe - how they should think of you (i.e. as someone who evaluates their work and is in charge of the classroom). You're right, too, about heels doing that work for us. And I regret that this is true as I will use this fact as a reason to keep buying heels, even though they hurt.

    Also, I left my Fuzzy Roommate's neutering appointment quite late as I originally planned to show him. But showing dogs is expensive and - I think - stupid. But he kept his testicles for almost two years, and I often wonder if he'd be less of a dominant little wiener if he'd had 1.5 years less testosterone coursing through his veins.

  10. Have you heard of neuticals? They are designed to replace the testicles on neutered dogs. Don't know if they make a feline version.

    I like this look. Any chance your students might tremble in fear as your presentation grows more serious?

  11. Unfortunately they DO make Neuticles for cats. Anyway, if you're using PPAC you should call sooner than later bc they only have a few Muffins slots per week and sometimes you'll have to wait for them.

    Also - what happened to those poor cats she left behind?!

    I like this outfit but I am bummed you have to focus on looking authoritarian.

  12. I love the oxfords here. They definitely add a touch of pizzazz to your super-profesh look. Like Anne, I'm impressed by your ability to make all neutral outfits look so amazing -- I need a bit of color or else I look super boring.

    Also, I didn't make a testicle joke per se, but I totally made a grad student talk about them during her defense of her comps today. I thought of you while I did so (also A-Dubs who will love this).

  13. Hi Rad. That is a beautiful streamlined outfit. Love the colors or lack of. You look like you mean business. Are those buttons on the skirt pockets? Nice detail.

  14. @Sheila, Future Lint and Rebecca: Thanks! I think it worked outside the classroom (I clearly looked like a non-student) but we had a fun debate day. They probably didn't even notice.
    @Anne: Good to hear I'm not the only one who makes mind the gutter jokes!
    @SU: There are pockets on the skirt indeed! Good ole' H&M
    @E-Jo: That is so cool (testicle talk during comp defense). That's how you get respect from students.
    @Jesse: Right now, the landlord's son who lives in her apartment is calling a charity to get them fixed, and then will probably continue to feed them (they're mostly outside cats). He wants a couple to live in the house but the other two are really just strays who demand to be let in and fed.
    @A-Dubs: Wow, Fuzzy Roommate was almost a runway dog. I'm sure that he's just fine even having so T running through his veins.
    @Terri: Neuticals sound funny. Sadly, I did not inspire fear today, as they got candy and we had a debate.
    @LaHdM: Your combo sounds lovely. Any chance it'll be on your blog?

  15. Ah, okay. Let me know if he's having trouble with it. I can probably help.

  16. LOL, you are funny. I can't imagine you offending anyone :) Love the gray/black combo.

  17. @Jesse: Will do! And I made the appointment today for Buster's ballz. Exciting stuff.
    @FA: I offend all the time, but I try not too. Thanks!