Friday, October 8, 2010

Jeans and T-Shirts

Happy Friday, Stylenation!  I just got a super-annoying and unreasonable work email, so I'm taking this opportunity to step back, take a break and do something fun before responding in hopes that I won't come across as biting this guy's head off... too much.  I just don't understand how some people can be so clueless, yet be in positions higher than mine.  But enough work ranting.

Today I'm showing 2 outfits from this week, I suppose to make up for the lack of a post on Wednesday.  The first is what I wore while working from home yesterday.  It's really only included to showcase my yellow flats, which I'm pretty sure are the official shoe of TCC.  I'm also sure Rad pulls these off much better.  The lighting on this picture is horrible because I'm on my back stoop (which needs to be cleaned off - woops) looking directly at the sun.  I wanted to take pictures in my back yard since it was gorgeous out yesterday, but my downstairs neighbor was home and cooking, and has a clear view of the backyard in her kitchen, and I feel a little odd posing for pictures with anyone around.  I should probably get over that.

In addition to the yellow shoes, I've also got another brooch/scarf combo going on, somewhat similar to Monday's.

Top: Loft
Jeans: Gap
Pink scarf: New York & Company (remixed)
Brooch: Etsy
Earrings: The Limited
Shoes: Dr. Scholl's

It's supposed to be 80 here today (though you'd never know by the chill in the air this morning), so I decided to give my denim skirt at least one more wear before putting away with my summer clothes.  I did throw on a cardigan when I left the house, but didn't have enough time to snap another picture.  This is a pretty plain outfit, but I think the long necklace livens it up just a touch.  Although the necklace is doing some serious boob highlighting, or emboobening.  But since I sit at my desk a majority of the day, I can usually deal with it.

What both outfits have in common - hence the title - is that they're essentially jeans and t-shirts.  But accessorized so that they're not totally plain and boring.  At least I hope not.

How do you dress up jeans and t-shirts?  

Pink t-shirt: Loft
Skirt: Old Navy
Necklace: New York & Company (remixed)
Shoes: Privo

Jude's been complaining that he hasn't seen enough blog action lately (he must've seen your comment, A-Dubs), so here he is:

Jude helps with the boob problem... by trying to eat my necklace


  1. A. I like both of these outfits. I like the use of the scarf and necklace to jazz up jeans and a t shirt. Also, yeay for yellow shoes.
    B. Send me the email before you send it to him. I'll look at it and try to remove any snippy "tone". You know, email and tone- it'll get ya everytime and you don't want to be known as that snippy tone emailer.
    And I'm sincerely sorry about the idiocy surrounding you. I know that feeling you.
    Yeay for Friday!

  2. Thanks Rad! I had a guy in my group look it over before I sent it - he's been working here forever and doesn't get as emotional when people are stupid. I'll definitely keep you in mind the next time I need a second pair of eyes :)

  3. Hahaha! I have never caught a picture of a cat trying to eat my necklace, but Emo does that all. the. time.

    I love your scarf/sparklie combo. The Style Nation has inspired me to want pins. It's kind of sad -- my grandmother had all sorts of jewelry of that big, sparkly, mid 20th century kind and we didn't want it at all back in the day.

  4. Cynthia: He also stuck his head through my necklace while I was putting his harness on him this morning, but alas, no camera.

    I bought my brooches all for $5 or $6 on Etsy because my Grandma is not yet ready to part with all of her fun vintage accessories, so maybe check them out (accessories are cool on GAAD, right?). It's too bad you don't live in the Midwest - there's a HUGE vintage fair here in Chicago in a couple weeks, and I'm hoping to score some more sparkles there.

  5. I like the brooch/scarf combo. Jude is a cutie, and I always like doggie pictures.

  6. My sister is always trying to get me to come and meet up with her in Chicago. Next time there's a huge vintage fair coming up, let me know, I will have to do it.

  7. Cynthia: Will do! I think there's a few each year. The one this month is their fall show, and then there's a holiday one in November, and a spring one I think in April. I'm guessing you need more than 2 weeks notice? :)

  8. I adore that yellow brooch.

    Don't put your jean skirt away! They look great with thick tights and boots! I love layering my t-shirts over long-sleeved plain or striped thin tees. It gives me a chance to ger more wear out of my graphic tee collection, plus stay warm!

  9. Aren't jean skirts the best? I have a blue one & a black one, both slightly above knee. Throw on a pair of tights and an OK top and you're ready to go, and somehow so much more dressed up than just in jeans. I like this lilac color on you, Anne (seems to be in the scarf & in the tee shirt). It brings out your pink cheeks!