Monday, October 11, 2010

Do-Over, or What a Difference a Belt Makes

This is what I wore to work today...

...but this is how I wish I would've worn it.  This dress has always looked a little off on me - the extremely high-waist always seems to suggest maternity wear to me (I know this style is popular and it looks very non-maternal on lots of figures, but on my shape, I think it just adds unnecessary volume).  But since it's comfortable and a basic like a LBD, I've held on to it.  Halfway to the train this morning it hit me that I should've belted the dress.  I definitely like it better with the belt.  What do you think, Stylenation?

Can you believe it's Monday night already?  Where did the weekend - let alone today - go?  I'm enjoying the quiet of my apartment while Jude and my fella are out running, and cooking dinner (grilled BBQ chicken salads, bread with honey chipotle butter and homemade pumpkin soup), so I thought I'd sit down and share a drink with you all (here's looking at you, SU).  Sure, a classier girl may have chosen wine, but what goes better with sparkly brooches than the Champagne of Beer?  I'm sure they go hand-in-hand, just like sequins and pink champagne (right Cynthia?).

Have a nice evening everyone!

Dress: Loft
Versatile Pink Cardigan: Target
Tank: New York & Company
Belt: New York & Company
Brooch: Etsy
Shoes: Tsubo
Beer: High Life
Glass: New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, CO


  1. Yes, totally more excellent than before when you add the belt. Also, firmly brings the dress out of maternity-wear, because it's a freakin' physical impossibility that someone with a bump could rock a belt right there.

  2. Now I want beer. Also, someone teach me to belt, please, because I suck at it and yet on other people? Magic.

  3. I prefer the belted version too, but both look great.

  4. Yeah, the belt would have been awesome. Next time!

  5. Ooh, you can remix this with another cardigan for work when it's warm again. And once again, I am loving the grey pumps and the brooch.
    Awesome Monday outfit. Jude must approve.

  6. I like the gray pumps with the dress & cardigan, which looks more lilac/orchid than pink on my monitor. And the unbelted dress looks comfortable, which scores points. I hate any constriction around the waist so I'd probably not belt it, even if it looked better with the belt. Either way, great combination.

  7. Is it total deliciousness all of the time around your place? This cardi-with-brooch is also delicious. And I agree that the belt finishes the look nicely but it works without it too.

  8. I also prefer the belted look - that kind of waist looks awful on me (big boobage).

  9. I like the belt too. The brooch on your cardigan is gorgeous, and the beer looks good too.

  10. Cheers Anne!
    Man, am I late. So I did the belt thing today inspired by your belt thing on this post. Did you feel me channel you? Did it hurt? Need another beer?

  11. I love belts for that -- they can improve and hide so much!

    Sometimes a girl needs a waist!

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Thanks for all of the input, ladies!

    Rad: I think this would work in cooler weather with some tights too. At least I hope so! But I do have plenty of cardigans for remixing.

    Charlotte: It definitely was more comfortable sans belt, which is nice sometimes.

    D-Med: Yes, absolutely it is. I'm making pumpkin cookies as we speak! Or did you just mean the deliciousness, as in the High Life?

    Sheila: That's how I felt without the belt - I doubt anyone but me actually noticed it, but the dress on its own seems to call attention to big boobage.

    Style Underdog: Nah, it didn't hurt, and neither does another beer :)

  13. Ooh, you can remix this with another cardigan for work when it's warm again. And once again, I am loving the grey pumps and the brooch.
    Awesome Monday outfit. Jude must approve.