Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monster Mash

I'm not too big on the dressing-up aspect of Halloween (although this year I finally have a good costume idea - exciting!) now that I'm a grown-up kind of sort of, but I always love a good party.  Today we're having a Halloween party at my office.  As annoyed as I've been by work as of late, there will be plenty of pumpkin decorating, sweets-eating and socializing, all of which is pretty fun.  I'm spending the rest of my day in meetings so it'll be a pretty easy day.  None are with anyone important, so I don't have to look too nice, so I decided to go casual today.

Are you planning to celebrate Halloween?  What do you wear for those rare easy work days?

Since these shoes haven't made an appearance here before, Jude suggested that I show a close-up.  They're a little bit more dark pink than red, which might be hard to tell in this light.  

Earring close-up (kind of):
Sweater: Loft
Jeans: Gap
Belt: Target
Shoes: Eddie Bauer (I know, can you believe it?)
Earrings: New York & Company


  1. Ooh, will you be sharing your Halloween outfit on the blog? Also, I love how that sweater has a built in Anne-appropriate brooch like flower area. Super cute!
    Also, how cute is Jude shoe love?

  2. Eddie Bauer has awesome stuff! I totally believe it. I've never bought a pair of their house brand shoes though. Are they comfy?

    I will be celebrating Halloween grantwriting-stylee this year :( No costumes for this girl. Except for some "don't talk to me I'm working" professor costumes. In years when I do Halloween, I always seem to go as a belly dancer or a gypsy wench, because, hey, I have a closet full of that stuff and I might as well get some use out of it.

  3. Love this look. The belting makes you look super long & lean. I also hate dressing up at Halloween. I never have a good costume idea and there's so much pressure to come up with something good. This year a friend's coming over and we're drinking wine, watching Buffy Halloween episodes, handing out candy and supervising the mini-FR in his hot dog costume.

  4. Also, I love Jude's protective eye on your shoes.

  5. I usually dress up the dog for Halloween, and we usually pass out candy. I also like to watch a lot of scary movies.

  6. I love the belt and those shoes are a perfect pop of color!
    Having people over for dinner on Halloween and going to restorative yoga class. No costumes, just lots of namaste-ing. :)

  7. Jude just wants to make sure you've got one good photo to remember them by before he and the shoes have a moment alone and he devours them.

    Your office sounds fun. We would never do anything like that at work. Our summer outing has become pizza for lunch in the office. Our Christmas party is on a steady decline. Celebrating any other holiday? Completely unheard of.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I do so enjoy your casual work gear posts. You make jeans and t-shirts seem better than jeans and t-shirts; and it is awesome. In fact, I want to write a poem about it. But I'm too tired to do it right this minute. Later, then.

    Also, I second Rad's request for costume blog posting. I NEVER have good ideas for costumes. But I enjoy seeing what other more creative people can come up with.

    p.s. Jude doesn't still chew shoes, does he? Say he doesn't! Because those flats are saweet.

  9. the sweater is gorgeous.

  10. Ooooooo, I adore your top!!! Those earrings are really pretty, too.

  11. Anne, I think you look fantastic. The sweater is fantastic, the shoes are fantastic, and you're making a simple pair of jeans look fantastic. And Jude, well, he is always fantastic, isn't he.

  12. Rad: Sure, I'll throw in a picture with my Monday post :) And I definitely bought the sweater for the flower brooch thingy.

    Cynthia: Yes, the shoes are very comfy! I was pleasantly surprised. They're really flexible, and they withstood 9 hours of me walking around my office.

    E-Jo: The pressure is exactly my problem with Halloween! For the first few years after college I did the slutty fill-in-the-blank costume, then just gave up on Halloween for a few years. But I can't pass up a party. Will you be posting more pics of mini-FR in his costume?

    Rebecca: I'm so jealous of dog costuming - Jude is too big for most costumes :( We do decorate him for Christmas though.

    Ann: Your Halloween sounds very relaxing!

    Lyddie: Ha! Jude tried to eat one of my flip-flops a couple days after we got him, and I guess I flipped out enough about the whole incident because he hasn't touched my shoes since. He just sniffs them. And admires them, of course. And if it's any consolation, our Christmas party has been reduced to a pot luck.

    A-Dubs: I think we need some more of your poetry. It's been too long. And Jude knows better than to chew my shoes (see above).

    Terri: Thank you!

    FA: Thanks! Sadly my earrings were hiding behind my hair all day.

    SU: Jude is fantastic, and he knows it. I need to be more like that.

  13. You look great. The pop of red in the shoes makes the whole outfit!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl