Monday, October 18, 2010

Color on color

Good Monday evening, Stylenation!  How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good, which I think made work today even more annoying than usual.  Mondays are so hard to get into sometimes.  It was cold and gloomy out when I woke up this morning, so I armed myself with bright colors to make it through the day.  This purple sweater actually has some pink thread in it (it's kind of heathered, but it's hard to see in the pictures), so my bright pink scarf seemed like an obvious choice to pair with it.  But thinking back, I think before I ever started reading blogs or even knew Stylenation existed, I never would have thought to bold colors together.  It sounds silly now, but I probably would've gone with a neutral, or at least a scarf with some purple in it.  But after pondering if I'm on Team Neutrals or Team Bright Colors, thanks to E-Jo's post, and seeing so much color all over the blogosphere, I decided to move a little closer to Team Bright Colors.

What do you think of pairing colors with each other?  And do you ever use something like brightly colored clothes to help brighten up a day?

Sweater: The Limited
Pants: New York & Company
Pink Scarf: Target
Brooch: Etsy
Earrings: The Limited

Note how Jude pairs his bright green collar with his blue harness.  I should've been taking cues from him all along.  Also note his pink pig toy, in support of BBCA .


  1. Go Team Bright. Yes, I do wear bright clothes/shoes/scarves when I need to brighten my day.
    I really like the bright combo with the grey pants. I hope tomorrow isn't as annoying :)

  2. I'm trying to remember which pieces of clothing that I wore last year to create a magenta and purple combo that somehow matched perfectly with my black/green/gold/purple Boden skirt. If I can figure it out tomorrow is going to be Anne copycat day. Because I believe in colors!

  3. I tend to be on team neutral, especially during the fall. My dog wear's purple, and has a bright pink sweater for the cold weather.

  4. SU: I wanted to pair this with black for the contrast, but ended up with the grey pants because they're much more comfy. I work from home tomorrow, so my day will be less annoying for sure!

    Cynthia: Ooh, an Anne copy cat day? I don't think that's ever happened - exciting! Is there a picture of said Boden skirt online someplace? The color combo sounds lovely!

    Rebecca: Our dogs would probably coordinate very well with each other!

  5. Cute! I think pink and purple go very well together. I think the boldest I've gone is a purple with a blue (jeans) but we'll see if I need some cheering up later in the (there's rain a brewing).
    Jude's color combo is one that I can also believe in.

  6. I love this combination. The bright colors look fantastic together and on you. You certainly rock the brightly colored scarf. I'm mostly Team Bright Colors myself, but am slowly joining your combo team.

    The mini-FR is completely nude. If I leave him in a color, he chews on it and I hate constantly replacing them so they go on a need-to-wear basis. Plus this way I don't have to try and take them off when he leaps from my arms into those of the doggie daycare guy.

  7. Oh, I am all over Team Brights! I often wear bright colours to improve my mood (especially yellow).

    Love the purple and pink (one of my favourite combos ever!) on you! And your dog is so cute.

  8. Both you and Jude are mixing colours masterfully today. I'm glad tomorrow will be better. Why do so many things suck?

    Also, though I admire the colour mixing you do so well - those jewel tones look gorgeous against your skin - I tend to think of colour as something that gets added to neutrals. Or as something that needs to be toned down by neutrals. I've got a couple of very colourful dresses that I don't wear very often, in part because I feel overwhelmed by the colour, and in part because I suspect they're a little too silly for work.

  9. p.s. Not to imply that I think your colours are silly. Obvy, they are not.

  10. Wow. These colours are fantastic on you. I don't often pair bright colours together, though I too have been inspired by StyleNation, and especially E-Jo, to explore brighter colours.

    It's so cute how much Jude loves you. He always has his eyes on you in your photos. Obviously he also approves of the bright colour action too, since he seems to have invented it.

  11. Love how you mixed the brights!

  12. Maybe tomorrow will have to be Anne copycat day since a critical purple t-shirt is in the wash. The Boden skirt I'm talking about is this one:

  13. Rad: It did help brighten my day a little, so it's worth a shot :)

    E-Jo: That's too bad about mini-FR and a collar. Jude can't get enough of his collar and harness. He goes crazy after bath time whenever we pick up his collar, because he can't wait to have it back on. What can I say, he loves his accessories.

    Sheila: I did have you and all of your colors in mind too! I so wish I could pull off yellow, but it doesn't work with my coloring.

    A-Dubs: I know exactly what you mean about colorful dresses! I feel like it's just too much, so I do prefer my colors paired with a neutral top or bottom. And is your question about why things suck rhetorical? Because really, why do they?

    D-Med: It helps that I take my pictures like 5 minutes after walking through the door at night, so Jude's still super excited to see me.

    Rlutz: Thanks! And it's nice to see another Chicago gal :)

    Cynthia: Ooh, I like that skirt! I definitely want to see it all colored up!

  14. Love how you mixed the brights!