Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is the End

closet 007
According to the rules, today is the last day of the No Repeats challenge!  Yay!  I thought this challenge would be easy, especially having just finished up 30 for 30 which limited my clothing choices.  Having everything in my closet to choose from again proved to be a little overwhelming some days, and there were definitely days where I wished I could just wear one of my easy, fall-back outfits and not have to think about what to wear.

closet 009
I did the challenge Anne-Style (obviously, I couldn't be Anne and not do it that way, could I?), meaning I could repeat items but not outfits.  I tried to repeat as few items as possible anyway, but apparently jeans are more of a staple than I thought, because I wore them 9 times during the month!  I also wore my Loft denim skirt 3 times. So you heard it here, if I ever say that I don't like jeans or don't wear them often, clearly I do.  If it weren't winter I'd branch out more with casual outfits and probably wear jeans less, but it's cold, and denim is thick and heavy, so it works.

All of that said, everything I'm wearing today hasn't been worn for at least 30 days.  The pants and cardigan were both included in my 30 for 30 item list, and I've been avoiding most of those items for a while.  All of my jeans are in the laundry right now (no doubt due to overwear this month) so I opted for cords today.  And the blouse is another one of those rarely-worn closet orphans.  And when I say "rarely-worn," I mean I've never worn it.  It didn't quite fit when I bought it, but rather than return it, I just let it hang out in my closet until it would fit.  That doesn't usually work for me, but it did this time.  The blouse is also another springy piece that I'm wearing during the winter to help brighten things up.  Florals definitely do the trick!

Because the challenge is over, and since I'll be traveling this weekend, I'm going to take a little break from blogging.  I'll be back on Monday.  What are you up to this weekend?

Cardigan & Pants: Loft
Blouse: Target
Boots: Kohl's
Earrings: Handmade by a family friend


  1. I like that blouse. Your bring colors are so cheery!

  2. Great ensemble. I have a black shirt with poppies on it that I bought in Belgium in 1995, and left hanging in the closet until it fit me. Which it does, I should wear it sometime.

  3. Anne--I am impressed that you did a challenge back to back! Your way of doing the challenge might point out what kinds of things you need more of it. I like the springy print...hope to see more of it.

  4. Thanks you so much for your comments on my blog.
    I truly appreciate it!

  5. Jewel tones are your good, good friends.

  6. You are obviously going out with a bang! This looks great. That colour is lovely on you! I'm not sure what I am doing this weekend, but I'm sure glad it's almost here.

  7. this outfit is so spring! yay for not repeating!

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Yeay for the successful challenge. Great floral blouse too. Have a nice trip. I'll pick up the slack a bit while you're gone.

  9. Rebecca: Thank you!

    Cynthia: Oooh, I want to see that shirt! I hope it was worth the wait :)

    Terri: I suppose that's a good point, although right now my closet is so out of control I feel like I have more than enough of everything. But I did notice a lack of casual options beyond jeans.

    Reva: Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts over the weekend.

    A-Dubs: Jewel tones are kind of like my black & red.

    Allison: I'm glad the weekend is almost here too! Have a good one!

    Lyddie: Sure it's January and there's tons of snow on the ground, but I'm so ready for spring.

    Rad: Yay, I'll need something to read :)

  10. What a fantastic blouse on you! I love the print -- it looks great! I'm tempted to send the mini-FR for it when he goes for your dress!

  11. Wow, that went quickly. Much more quickly than the limited number of pieces challenge, which seemed to drag on & on & on... ;-) This orchid-y sweater with your gray pants is a great combination. Did you get your hair cut?

  12. E-Jo: If you send mini-FR my way, I might just have to keep him :)

    Charlotte: I agree, 30x30 felt like it took forever! I cut my hair right before New Years, and am finally getting used to it again!

  13. I love these colors on you! Also, if you decide to never wear that blouse again and E-Jo's mini-FR doesn't find it, send it my way!

    This weekend: fun family hanging out combined with the extremely unfun task of breaking E's pacifier addiction.