Thursday, January 20, 2011

E for Effort


I haven't slept since I woke up around 9AM yesterday, so please forgive the blurry photo, silly face, and any obvious typos.  I thought this combo would look delightful and comfy, but from my sleep deprived vantage point, it reminds me of low rent Elizabethan page boy.  But hey, I give myself points for trying to work some color in.  And my manic working through the night plan helped me get up to speed on my project.  Now, I think I'll catch a couple Zs before heading into the office to take of some business. 
I hear that it is massively snowing in parts of the country, and it will hit here soon.  This is part of the reason I tried to get everything done last night, as I don't trust things to remain open, available, and smoothly running when there is snow.  Sorry, New York, you are great a many things, but you (and your millionaire mayor) stink at dealing with snow.

Dress: Uniqlo
Tunic: Target (Thakoon) via Buffalo Exchange
Jeggings: Hue
Boots: Paladium
Belt: swap via Pineapple Mint Vintage


  1. I like your layers here. Ugh, I remember the days trying to study though the night - never really worked for me!

  2. The layering! I love the way you put tunics and dresses together. I must try this Radlook.

  3. I think your look is great - very chic, rather than Elizabethan page boy. It's true what you say about the city's millionaire mayor, but I have a tiny soft spot in my heart for him because his daughters went to my school (close to me in age but not in my grade)...

  4. Love this! I echo the layered tunic over dress love. And also the layered hair. Did you get your hair cut recently or am I slow to catch on? It looks great!

    If I pulled an all nighter at my advanced age I would, basically, die.

  5. I really like this, especially the belt! I hope you were able to get some sleep!

    No one deals with snow like Chicago. Uh, until we run out of funding in January or so. But hopefully we're doing better this year. I'd take snow over our -25 degree wind chills right now.

  6. Blue and black is my current favorite combo!

    And yoiks, hope you guys don't get hammered with yet more snow.

  7. I think you are noth amazing and crazy for staying up all night. Turns out I cannot do that any more. A little more than a week left! You can do it!
    And the outfit: I love the tunic over the dress look (and lord knows I love a good belted look). Get some sleep lady!

  8. I like the layers.

    I hope you don't get too much snow. This winter seems to be crazy for all areas of the country.

  9. I love the layering and the blue belt is the perfect accessory! I saw on the news that there is more snow headed your way... it's supposed to be -20 here (-35 with the windchill) tonight and I was trying to decide which was worse... I think I'll take the freezing cold over more snow on the piles!

  10. Maybe you need a broadsword (as apparently I did with yesterday's outfit), hee hee!

    I don't think this outfit is that bad - I like all the layers and the subtle colours.

    Good luck! I hope it doesn't snow!

  11. I also quite like this outfit -- especially after an all-nighter!! I like the blue & black combination as well.

    Hopefully the snow passes you by!

  12. I'm with everyone on the belt and layer love. Hope you get to sleep tonight!

  13. Oh, Rad, hope you are catching up on zzz's as well as work. I always like your tunic and skirt combinations...and I especially like the touch of color here.

  14. hehe, I didn't see the page until you mentioned it - but its cute!

    have a good rest!

    Chic on the Cheap

  15. @Eek: It never worked to study for me either. Just writing!
    @K.bean: I'd love to see you try layering (but it's really not my look. I was inspired by folks like Sal).
    @C&B: Ooh, what was Lil' Miss Bloomberg like?
    @Cynthia: I did get it cut recently but the change was sublte. You're age isn't so advanced. I am glad I didn't die by like falling in the gap between the subway platform or something.
    @Anne: I did get about 3 hours of sleep. I didn't know about the funding issues. eek.
    @Sal: I miss Minneapolis' snow efficiency. It was like a beautiful machine.
    @Miss B: Thanks! I'll try this again less drunk with sleeplessness.
    @We didn't get too much. Thanks.
    @FL: Yeah, freezing cold has it booger-and-loogie-freezing charms.
    @Sheila: I will never be able to rock a sword like you.
    @E-Jo: Thanks! I hope my dressing myself skills get better when I have some sleep.
    @Ann: I got too much sleep last night.
    @Terri: I'm going with the blue, like you.
    @Lyddie: Thanks. I think the hair helps.

  16. I am glad to live in a snow efficient place, but less glad to live in a place where snow efficiency is needed.

    I will add my voice to the chorus of layering love here. Hope you caught some zzz's!

  17. Oh, I love this! This is a great example of layering and doesn't look like a 'low-rent' anything. Stay warm and get some rest!

  18. Black and blue - be still my heart! And I haven't liked that Thankoon tunic at all this season, but I adore how you layered it.

    And, not to be mean, but it's 50 degrees here today (and I don't even have the excuse of living in the south)...