Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forgotten Dress

No Repeats, Day 27
closet 004
I stumbled upon this hidden gem in my closet yesterday while putting laundry away.  I bought it last winter, wore it once and then promptly went on a 6 week hiatus from my office and professional dressing all together.  I totally forgot I had it, which is kind of crazy given how cute it is.  The fact that this has been hiding amongst my clothes for nearly a year is probably a sign that my closet needs a good cleaning.  Or that I own too many clothes.  Or both.

closet 010

What discoveries have you made in your closet?  Isn't it fun to find something again like new?

Dress & belt: Target
Sweater & Necklace: Ann Taylor
Tights: Probably Target?
Boots: Eddie Bauer


  1. That dress is made of win! None of my stash box finds were that great, except maybe for the olive cotton jacket. This is totally why I'm going to keep up the no-repeating for a while. And you should too, I want to see all your hidden closet orphans, especially if they're this good :)

  2. That dress is lovely! I think you styled it perfectly today with the black accents.

  3. Yeay for finding a forgotten dress. What a pretty print and color.

  4. I'm glad you found that dress, it looks great.

  5. I'm super jealous of finding such an awesome forgotten dress. All my closet orphans are that way for good reason. Also, keep your eye on it -- I'm working on training the mini-FR as a mini-burglar to steal it.

  6. I love the pattern in the dress...I don't own many dresses and thus don't lose them. :)

  7. Holy crap! I'm off to explore my closet now in hopes of finding just such a forgotten gem. ;)

  8. Great find! It's nice to discover hidden gems like that! I haven't found anything too exciting in my closet yet. But I'm hopeful.

  9. Great colour! Closet win! I never find hidden gems in my closet though I am kind of intense about the closet purge. I do one every season and I am fairly ruthless though sometimes I'm over-zealous and do things like give away all of my pants. I don't recommend this strategy.

  10. That IS a great dress. Like E-Jo, you really rock the jewel tones. Also, I love it mixed with black and silver. I'm bookmarking for a potential copycat.

    p.s. Have you heard the wonderful news? Target's coming to Canada! Soon, giant boxes of wine will be available in this cold, wintry land!!

  11. So pretty! I love this color on you - it's gorgeous.

    I don't know that I've ever lost a dress. Or any clothing item, for that matter. But, I think that's because I'm not aware that they're lost. I think I literally DO NOT KNOW where my clothes. Oh, the horror.

  12. its very cute! im glad you've rediscovered it!

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Cynthia: I think my closet orphans are all downhill from here, but we'll see :)

    Julia, Rad, Rebecca & Lyddie: Thanks!

    E-Jo: Hmm, but can mini-FR get past Jude? He's a pretty good watchdog.

    Terri: Well I didn't really lose it per se... just forgot about its existence.

    LHdM: Good luck exploring your closet!

    Allison: That scarf was a good find!

    D-Med: I'm in desperate need of a closet purge though - then I wouldn't forget about cute stuff like this. But no pants? That sounds like a problem for winter.

    A-Dubs: Canadian Target sounds just lovely! To think, we can drink AND dress alike! Or just drink wine cubes.

    Gracey: Believe me, I have that problem too. I spent an hour trying to track down a white cardigan today to no avail. I have clothes everywhere. Sigh.

  14. Oh wow, this dress is amazing. Purple really suits you!