Monday, January 24, 2011

Red, White & Blue

January 24, 2011
This outfit has inspiration from a couple sources. The first place was RAGS against the MACHINE, where Terri is picking all of her outfits this year according to a color of the month. This month's color is blue, and I've so enjoyed seeing her blue ensembles thus far, and naturally, it's made me want to wear blue. The other place I drew inspiration was from Linda's 4th of July outfit a couple of weeks ago. I thought about adding red to blue myself earlier this month, when Charlotte suggested I brighten up my winter looks, and I really liked Linda's use of a white sweater with red and blue, despite it being winter (I don't know, that old rule about no white after Labor Day has stuck in my head forever, even though I know we don't have to subscribe to those anymore).  And how little do I wear white when it's not spring and summer?  A quick scan of the blog shows that I haven't worn this cardigan since August!

January 24, 2011

Cardigan: Target
Shell: New York & Company
Skirt: The Limited
Tights: Target
Shoes: Naturalizer, via Piperlime
Necklace: Embellish


  1. I like your pops of color. You look really well put-together in this outfit!

  2. The matching red accessories are uber cute. Also, I consider this kind of chain-link pattern to be very "Anne." Way to look awesome on a Monday.

  3. Now that's really cute, Anne--and not in the least summery. It just looks fresh!

  4. Ditto Charlotte--this looks warm and new and fabulous. I really love that necklace with the blue and also the belt!

  5. This is a great look. The belt is tres chic and sassy! I've been enjoy Terri's month of blue as well :)

  6. I like the red accessories a lot. Red and blue is one of my favorite combinations.

  7. Great necklace. I'm slowly realizing that one can pair red, white and blue without looking like a recruitment poster. Outfits like this help!

  8. I'm wearing red, white and blue today too!(Well, cream, not white, but close enough for government work, I think). I love your outfit though - that red belt is fabulous. I agree with Charlotte that this looks very fresh!

  9. Sharp look! I love the little touches of red. The accessories have really been lacking on my blue ensembles so far.

  10. What a great outfit. I tend to steer away from this color combination but I really like it here--mostly because the combination is so subtle. Also, I love the geometric print.

  11. I think white is perfect for the winter (good for camouflage, hahah) And while I sometimes worry about looking, i don't know, patriotic in red white and blue - clearly it can be done in a very chic and non-costume way.

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Such a clean, crisp look, and a beautiful necklace! I'm following your blog :)

  13. LHdM: Thanks! The belt is so underutilized, but I love it every time I can wear it.

    Cynthia: Wow, put-together? Thanks!

    Rad: Hm, what makes the pattern so Anne? I don't know if I own anything else like it!

    Charlotte: I'll take fresh over summery, though I wish it actually was summer.

    AUH: The necklace pairing happened totally by chance - I was wearing it while trying to pair the top with something, and it stuck.

    Allison: Me too, Terri's definitely kept blue interesting!

    Rebecca: You did rock red, blue and black color blocking last week.

    K. Bean: Ha! A recruiting poster. I hope no one thought that when they saw me :)

    Gracey: Great minds must think alike!

    Terri: I've liked all your looks even without accessories though!

    E-Jo: I wouldn't have put the combination together a year ago or so, but blogging has made me try new combinations. So, try it out!

    Lyddie: Ha! It snowed yesterday, so I probably could've blended in :) I think the lack of stars and stripes in my outfit kept it from being too patriotic.

    Ariel: Thank you, and welcome! We're glad to have you :)