Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Little Behind

new years 011
Okay, not that behind.  Although it's worth noting that this skirt does have magical buttocks-enhancing powers (though maybe it's also 6 months of consistent elliptical use finally paying off here, I don't know). This is a good example of why I rarely ask Fella to take my pictures for me.  But seriously Stylenation, I'm way behind on outfit posts.  I haven't had much time for reading or writing blogs this weekend as my cousin has been visiting from South Korea, and Fella and I were busy hosting a fantastic New Year's Eve party.  How was your New Years?  Can you believe it's 2011 already?  I don't actually have any resolutions for 2011, except to have a better year than 2010.  And it'd be nearly impossible not to do that, so I think I'm in good shape there.

new years 005
Obviously I'm jealous of other bloggers having their sisters in posts (La Historiadora de Moda and E-Jo come to mind), so my cousin and I took some photos.  You can't tell how much we're actually dressed alike here - we have the same sequined tank top, just in different colors.  Our Grandma always used to buy us identical gifts for Christmas and birthdays when we were kids, so this is an homage to that.  Anyway, on to the outfits.

Thursday: No Repeats, Day 17
new years 003
On Thursday, I got my hair cut again.  It feels like I just got it cut, but the ends were more than due for a trim and it was starting to get shaggy and impossible to style in any reasonable amount of time.  I saw a new stylist since my last one is now living in Florida, and I think she did a pretty good job.  Also, the new salon serves wine, so an afternoon of wine, Us Weekly (hair appointments are the only time I ever read stuff like that, I swear) and pampering isn't bad either.

Cardigan: Loft (last seen during 30x30 - those items are finally, albeit slowly getting back into rotation)
Tank & Jeans: Gap
Boots: Rampage (gift from Fella's mom)

New Year's Eve: No Repeats, Day 18
new years 008
This is what I wore for the New Year's Eve part at my apartment, and it's just another example of the totally weird Chicago weather foiling my best-laid plans.  Thinking that it's December and winter and all, I had a nice, sparkly outfit planned out that included my wardrobe staple, a cardigan.  It ended up being close to 60 degrees here on Friday, so a sweater seemed like a poor choice considering I had the oven running for a few hours making food for the party and that we'd be cramming 15 of our closest friends into our apartment all night.  Seriously, it gets really hot in here really fast.  So this is the best I could throw together.  The shirt has some shine, and so do my accessories.  Even my shoes have a metallic sheen to them.  

Top: The Limited
Denim Skirt: Loft
Tights: Target
Shoes: Indigo by Clark (Christmas gift from Fella's parents)
Necklace & bracelet: New York & Company

Saturday: No Repeats, Day 19
new years 077
The catch for having unseasonably warm weather in Chicago?  The next day is pretty much guaranteed to be at least 40 degrees colder.  It was in the low 20's yesterday, so short sleeves made way for warm, cozy sweaters.  The good news is that the warm weather caused all of the lingering snow and ice to melt, so the sidewalks are once again safe for normal shoes!  At least until it snows tomorrow, which it totally will.  My cousin took us out for Korean food for lunch, then we spent the afternoon shopping and the evening at the Bulls game.  So the day definitely called for comfy and casual.

Sweater: Loft
Cami: New York & Company
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Privo
Necklace: Embellish (gift from Fella)


  1. Happy New Year! I love the Indigo shoes... I had been stalking them at Zappos for a little while.

  2. Love those shoes! I was actually totally stalking them earlier this year, tried them on while I was in San Francisco. I hope you had a fabulous party. My party had four people, four cats, and four bottles of champagne...a good time was had by all. Also, where do you find a salon that serves wine? Awesome.

  3. Such a cute picture of you and your cuz! And dang, look at how your hard work has been paying off! (Blokey, if asked to take photos, would probably focus on similar things). Festive, weather appropriate party outfit!
    I dig the use of the green 17 and 19. 17 is what I think of as quintessential Anne. 19 is uber cosy.
    60 degree weather on NYE? Bless the midwest. That is crazy. It was in the upper 40s here the past couple days and that freaked me out.

  4. I'm stuck on "the new salon serves wine."

    We had dinner out, a bottle of wine, a Norwegian film, a bottle of champagne, good conversation, two dachshunds on our laps, two cats skulking in the background. A-OK.

    Happy new year, Anne!

  5. Looking bootytastic! I love your NYE outfit!

    I am jealous of your warm temps. Yesterday the windchill was down to -34F. I did not enjoy taking Bailey out....

  6. Nice skirt! I think it's you, not the skirt.
    I know pinks and purples are your power colors, but you also look great in green.

  7. Oooh, I like the plan-B new year's top and the first shot. I need to start tracking down a hair salon that serves wine. Your new cut looks great.

  8. The new hair looks adorable, and your haircut itself sounds pretty awesome. I think your hair is short enough to justify going monthly for trims...

  9. Yep, your butt looks fan-TASTIC in that skirt. Though I have to add that all that elliptical work leads me to believe that the skirt's just hugging your BA curves, not creating them.

    Also, I love a multiple outfit post, especially when there's this much sparkle going on. Happy New Year, Anne!

  10. Allison: I don't want to tell you to buy the shoes, but they are pretty great :)

    Cynthia: Sounds like you had a fun NYE! Did the cats get any champagne? And the wine salon is just 2 blocks from my house!

    Rad: Heh yeah, I'm sure Blokey would too. I told Fella I posted the butt picture, and I think that's the first time he's checked our blog in months.

    Charlotte: Happy New Year to you, too! Sounds like you all had a lovely evening.

    LHdM: Yikes, that does sound pretty cold! Those are the days that Jude seems to like taking an extra long walk, which is definitely not fun.

    K. Bean: I seem to be taking a break from my pinks and purples lately, though not intentionally.

    Terri: I think the key is to make sure that your stylist doesn't have too much wine too :) But it is a pretty great way to relax.

    Lyddie: I agree, I should visit the salon as much as I need to. To maintain my hair cut, of course.

    A-Dubs: Happy New Year to you too!

  11. Oooh, I like the plan-B new year's top and the first shot. I need to start tracking down a hair salon that serves wine. Your new cut looks great.