Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Interim Cohabitatant

Hello fashionable people!  A few of you may know that Rad has a co-contributor here at The Cohabitating Closet, but in case you don't (since I've been lurking for WAY too long), I'll introduce myself briefly.  I've got a few posts out there, but I had some life stuff keeping me away from the office and thus having to look decent everyday for a while, so I focused on my cooking blog instead. I'm Rad's Midwestern counterpart; the D-Med to her A-Dubs (this assumption is based solely on our respective karaoke choices).  I guess "counterpart" does imply that we're similar, but fashion-wise we're somewhat different.  Rad, for example, can sew and refashion things, whereas I can't sew much more than a button.  Another big difference is that Rad, like many of you I've noticed, is an academic.  I, on the other hand, hang out in a cubicle in a business-casual office in corporate America, so we have slightly different dress codes for work wear.  Are there any other corporate ladies out there?

Since the lovely Rad is going to be enjoying a week in Frankfurt, and prompted by In Professorial Fashion's New Faculty Orientation, I thought I'd keep you all company.  Unfortunately, being a corporate drone and all, I don't have the interesting social commentary to provide that Rad does.  Instead, I have what is hopefully cute and occasionally stylish business-casual attire, and it's more along the lines of a daily outfit post.  So here's what I wore today:
Dress: Target
Cardigan: Target
Sandals: Aerosoles
Necklace: NY & Company
I don't think this is my final submission, but I'm definitely getting ready for the Wonder Woman Pose Conference.  Are you?

If none of that was interesting, perhaps I can win you over with a picture of a cute dog?  He couldn't join me in my pictures tonight because he was busy chewing up one of my favorite earrings (sigh), but that's just proof of how much he loves accessories.


  1. awwww! very cute puppy and cute dress. I'm a nine to 5 worker bee as well.

  2. Wow, co-bloggers coming out of the woodwork! Maybe I should get one, all the cool kids are doing it. Also, I'm an academic, but I think I still might dress more like you than like Rad.

  3. Anne has such great clothes and an color for eye. I remember once winter we were running out the door for something and she had the most beautiful cream coat and blue accessories, and I felt like a lug. I think Anne has influenced me to care about style, even if I am more muted and androgynous in my style.
    Welcome back, Anne! Also, I heart that Target dress!

  4. Well, I work a forty-hour a week desk job, and I'm a grad student, so I get a bit of both worlds. Admittedly, the desk job is at the University, but I came to it from the corporate world, so I retain that mentality a bit.

    Great to meet you Anne!

  5. Welcome, Anne! My dog also loves to accessorize and has occasionally donned an animal print scarf.

    I have a running/travel/food/whatever blog in addition to blogging at Fashionable Academics, so I'll be checking out your cooking blog for sure!

  6. I love the dog picture! So adorable with the hat!

    I sort of work in corporate America, but it's a medical related profession too. I'm not clinical, but I work with nurses.

    I love your dress! That's such a pretty color and I really like the contrasting black sandals.

  7. Wow, thanks for the welcome everyone!

    L'Fille: It's nice to see another 9-5er around! I was starting to worry that we office types don't think much about our sartorial choices.

    Cynthia: Yes! Everyone IS doing it. Perhaps you have a friend who is just dying to join forces and be fabulous with you :)

    Rad: I do have a good color for eye ;) I'm amazed that MN winters didn't get you on board with the awesomeness of winter accessories - that's the only way to show any kind of personality here 4-6 months out of the year.

    Emily: I forgot to mention that I'm on a leave of absence from grad school right now, so I had the best of both worlds for a little while too. 40 hours plus classes was too much for me, so kudos to you!

    LHdM: I'd love to see your dog rocking a scarf! I hadn't noticed your other blog before, but I'll definitely keep an eye on it - I just signed up for 2 5ks in November and December, and I am NOT a runner so maybe you have some tips :)

    Melissa: Your job sounds interesting - medical is one of the many directions I'd love to go when I finally leave the corporate world.

  8. Adorable dress.

    I live in the midwest too, and work in a cube at a big retail company.

  9. That dress is a beautiful colour and it is doing great things for you. Plus you are rocking a sassy-WW-come-hither glance in this photo--love it!

    Your dog is also stylin' in this photo. I wish my cats would let me dress them up. I have a feeling that project would not go well. And it would make me look crazier.

    And I can vouch for Anne's excellent foodie blog (and Rad's for that matter). She has a smoker! And this really awesome palm potato peeler! Go there now!

  10. I love your dress, Anne! Cute dog, too.
    Now I'm off to read the foodie blog...

  11. P.S. I could be the D-Med to your A-Dubs, Anne, because of our choice in furry companions...and the fact that you are taller.

  12. Rebecca: Yay, another cubie! I miss my large midwestern retailer job sometimes. Or at least the discount :)

    D-Med: To confess, I have to snap the picture of my dog pretty quickly before the hat falls off, so I don't know how into getting dressed up he is. I would definitely dress him up in actual costumes if I could find any in his size. But alas, he's plus-sized too. But I think cats in costumes are funny, not crazy. We should probably start an animal style blog.

    And you can probably imagine what a tasty and stylish time it is when Rad and I are in the same kitchen!

    Kelly: Thank you! Trust me when I say I cook a lot better than I dress.

    Rad: So basically we could both be A-Dubs and D-Med. We should probably discuss this further over some WW posing and cottage-bobbing.

  13. Anne, welcome! I am visiting the parents this week and so am sitting at my computer procrastinating less than usual, but I will have to check out the food blog. Cute dog as well!

  14. Anne! It's about time...you have been lurking...now you are legite. Welcome.

    So, are all those stories of you and Rad true?

  15. AFtK: I know the feeling - it's nearly impossible to procrastinate when I visit my parents since they typically have my schedule jam-packed.

    SU: Hmm, to which stories are you referring? :) But rest assured, Rad hasn't been making me up all this time.

  16. Your dress is so cute, and there are people who can't even sew a button, so don't feel bad!

    The pup is adorable, even if your earring was sacrificed, how could you get mad at that face?

    Chic on the Cheap

  17. That is a fantastic hat for your dog! Does it make me a little crazy if I want to buy a mini one for my dog?

    I love the dress -- so summery!

  18. Wait! WAIT! I'm so late to the party! First, huzzah! I've been waiting for you to post, Anne, as I keep clicking on your name here and hoping, and wishing.

    Also, ha! Another dog-lover is a welcome member of this cat-rich community.

    And finally, that dress is adorbs, and I agree with D-Med re: your rocking of the come hither wonder woman look. Nicely done.

    And finally (for realz): could we see the winter combo Rad refers to? Because I could use some inspiration in that department. Currently, I am the sad (but warm) owner of a long black sleeping bag with arms that takes me through the long winter months, here. Colour seems like a MUCH better plan.

  19. Lyddie: He's impossible to get mad at, and he knows it! He even whined at me for taking the earring away from him last night, like I was so mean for not letting him finish eating it. But really he's just given me an excuse to go shopping for new earrings :)

    E-Jo: That's not crazy at all! I'm sensing the need for a virtual pet dress-up conference. Unless that's a crazy idea...

    A-Dubs: Aw shucks, thanks! If I had known anyone but Rad was wishing and hoping, I may have been motivated sooner. I'm glad the WW pic turned out - it feels somewhat absurd to make funny faces at my camera. By the way, do I score any sort of points for using a box of wine to prop up my camera in lieu of a tripod?

    I'd love to showcase my winter combos! Perhaps once it's fall and I no longer need to run my air conditioner. I think I might be the only girl in Chicago who doesn't own a black winter coat (though I did break down and buy a brown knee-length sleeping bag last year). I hate winter, so I do wear color as much as possible just to make myself feel better.

  20. Super pretty dress and uber cute puppy.

  21. Such a pretty summery dress. Love the black sandals with the lighter colors. The dog is adorable in the hat!!

  22. So cute! I have that dress and love it to death.