Friday, June 25, 2010

To the middle

I'm totally cheating, you guys. I took this photo in the early A.M., because I have to take a car at 6AM to catch my 8AM flight to Chicago this morning. But since style bloggers have taught me the importance of doing a test run with outfits the night before, I snapped a quick picture to show my outfit today. This outfit has to be multipurpose, because I have to comfy on a plane, then chillax on a North Shore beach (OK, it's not the sea, but when in the midwest, I appreciate the Great Lakes), and hang out with folks at Anne's place for grilling and pre-bachelorette socializing. This dress fits the bill not only because it's jersey, stretchy, and comfy, but also because the bride-to-be gave it to me back in college. Clothes swapping rules.
I'm trying to spice up my army style bag (I seem to love all things military related, including my military students, except wars) with a color coordinated scarf, part of my Ebay stash, but we'll see if I untie it in a moment of frustrated annoyance.
Oh, and by the way, thanks dear Blogging community for your kind comments in response to my landlord anecdote. It's no longer a reason for concern, as her constant phone calls and harassment died down when Blokey moved in (and I was forced to share my closets). I find it hilarious now, although back in November and December, I was a bit more spooked out.
I hope you all have a great weekend. I was inspired to try to work all day because of D-Med's inspiring post on work from home wear. I will not be working from home or otherwise between now and Monday, as I also have plans to spend time with the in-laws, my brother, and my cousin and her new baby.

Cardigan: JCrew, thrifted
Dress: NY&Co, swap
Belt: JCrew, swap
Bag: Brooklyn Industries
Scarf: via Ebay
Shoes: BC Footwear, via Nordstrom Rack


  1. I really love you in blue! And I think the "warm" color accents look great up against that backdrop. And I continue to love this haircut!

    I am glad you mentioned this somewhat contradictory attitude toward the military-- I feel the same way, and I kind of thought I was alone.

    Have fun on your weekend away!!


  2. BEACH!!! MEAT!!! Oh, and great outfit :) I love that color on you!

    See you this afternoon! Thanks for rescuing me from work today :)

  3. Have fun in Chicago. I hope you get good weather for your visit.

  4. FAB! I love you in color, Rad.

  5. Those yellow sandals are a happy addition to your outfit. Very fun!

  6. You look breezy and cool. Have a great weekend!

  7. Know what you mean about having a scarf dangling off a purse, but the colors in that scarf really add snap to the whole ensemble.

  8. yellow shoes yell summer and style. they look great paired with the beautiful blue. have a terrific weekend.

  9. You look great (as always), love. pls send my best to nicey and k & m! lets talk when you get home. i miss you lots.

  10. "BEACH!!! MEAT!!!" = Best. Comment. Ever.

    I wish I could go to a meat beach this weekend.