Friday, June 11, 2010

Missing Black

I can't believe just 4 days of dedicated non black wearing (other than an almost black but officially grey hoodie I wore to do some chores last night) that I suffering from black withdrawal! When I was putting this outfit together this morning, I kept thinking, "I'd like to wear my black boots" (which is allowed, but I wanted to hold myself to a high standard) and "wouldn't a black jacket make this perfect?" or "My black and white linen scarf!" I guess I am a black addict, although I do like this outfit as it is.
Because of our weird schedule today, I'm taking an early break from the editing to blog. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments about the Writing Process. I actually hate editing way more than writing, because writing is very easy for me. Writing clearly, succinctly, and to the point is not. Oh well. I'd like to finish my major edits today and have Blokey (aka the editor and man of my dreams) do a good hacking on it over the weekend.
Please excuse the messy hair. We have his and her haircuts Uptown today. Also, shopping for something wedding suitable for him. Maybe shoes for me. I'm trying to figure out my shoe situation for a wedding we will be attending in Georgia next weekend. I have a (new for me) dress, but I have no confidence about the shoes.

This is a Gharani Strok dress that I bought from the Laws of the General Economy (a resale webpage), and it looked all crazy awesome on the model. And it probably cost over £100 retail, and I snagged it for $35, including shipping from the Netherlands. Thanks to La Fille d'Or for the heads up on this webpage.
Luckily, it fits like a glove. While I can't do a dark rimmed eye and dramatic pulling on the necklace pout, I think it looks pretty good on me, too. I couldn't capture the draping with my humble camera. My question to my awesome commenters: do these cheap silver sandals work with this crazy black dress or should I get some black sandals (I have none)? Is it too mismatched? Would dramatic cagey type sandals work? With studs? Or should the drama of shoulder cut outs be tempered with something less dramatic?
Also, I described this dress to a coworker, who said that I could wear this with a blazer in the fall and teach in this. Thoughts?

Tshirt: Scrapbook, via Macy's (and mom)
Jeans: Express
Wedges: Aerosoles, thrifted


  1. OMG that DRESS is amazing! It looks fantastic on you, too!

    I also have been loving your black out outfits this week!

  2. I love your shirt today! Did you say where you got it and I missed it? And congrats on making it through the black-out!

    I like the silver sandals with the dress, but I wonder if black would be better. Or maybe even a bold color? Is that going to be your dress in August too?

  3. Love the tee today - I think the silver sandals look fine but I am always pro-buying new shoes. So go find yourself a good versatile black sandal because you "need" them for the dress/wedding!

  4. I like the silver with this excellent black stunner; it looks elegant and the silver makes it sort of lighter, if not summery. That said, I think a black cage sandal with some edge would be BA with this dress and I am also pro new shoes. Do you have time to break in new shoes before you wear them to a wedding?

  5. I wanted to comment, but D-Med said EXACTLY what I wanted to say. Well, except for the part where I congratulate you on resisting black for one more day. I couldn't do it and am wearing my favourite black T as we "speak."

  6. Oh, one more thing. No, I don't think a blazer makes this wicked dress a teaching garment. Nothing will disguise its sultry, elegant sexuality!

  7. I love the dress on you!!!! I'd choose some flat strappy sandals to tone the sexiness down because that dress is HOT on you. And I agree with A-Dubs' last comment ;)

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  8. Thanks for the feedback on the "sexy" of the dress. I did think that it was a plunging. I don't mind if this is special occasions only.
    I did buy shoes (following A-Dubs, Christine, and Anne) but I didn't read Elaine's comment until I came back. They are cute and black, but I don't know about versatile. I will try to make them versatile over the next few weeks! (They're like a motorcycle jacket for summer feet).