Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Still Ill

This weekend's festivities, which were very fun, have taken an unfortunate toll. Beach, BBQ, and bachelorette party= sick Rad. And summer colds suck because I feel cold and hot at once. Plus, the crazy landlord is demanding access to our apartment soon so I had to put on clothes, and because of our special, um, situation, I had to keep myself pretty covered too.
In addition to other activities, Anne and I also also popped by a mall because her fella needed some gifts. We may have gone to the Gap, where there may have been a mondo sale. I am trying not to buy new things, but this western pearl snap button shirt, originally $50+, was now $11, so I fell to the retail temptation. I have some buying new guilt but I will make up for it by swaggering about like an urban cowgirl during the summer, and hopefully layering this with sweaters and cardigans during the fall for teaching.
Sickness, future bridesmaid duties and travels have resulted in a huge backlog on my reader and I apologize for not commenting on your lovely posts. I hope you had a great weekend and stay cool this week.

Shirt: Gap (on major sale)
Skirt: Vintage Blue, via Brown Elephant (Chicago), cut into skirt DIY (original here)
Belt: Not Just Vintage
Shoes: Steve Madden, thrifted


  1. Sorry about your summer cold! I hope it wasn't caused by our crappy window unit. I woke up with a major frog in my throat this morning because of it.

    I know you feel guilty, but that purchase was a really good one! You saved like 80% on it, and it's a really versatile item that will work in all seasons. That, and it looks GREAT on you!

    Also, nice work on transforming that dress. I love it in skirt form!

  2. Aww! Feel better soon! I hope there're no further issues with your creepy stalker landlady!

  3. That shirt is great, and it was a dteal at $11. Definitely worth buying!

  4. That skirt is 100% more flattering than when it was a dress (when it was already pretty cute). I have a GAP shirt exactly like that one--I've had it since the 80s, and I still wear it. You've made a Good Investment.

  5. Ugh, so sorry you're illin'. And don't feel too bad about the shirt, Rad. It is so very you, and I know you'll wear it to death.

  6. Summer colds suck hard. Take good care of you, ailing Rad. Isn't it nice that you can wear some sweet soft style-y denim during these crappo days?

    Also, seriously? You made a dress into a skirt? Your sewing skillz are mad.

  7. Ugh I'm sorry you aren't feeling so great! Chris (my partner) is coming down with something now after I had a bout of the post-travel lethargy myself.

    If it is any consolation your outfit is fantastic. I love that diy skirt!