Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad's Day

I've been having a nice and relaxing (translation: lazy and nap-filled) time here in the north 'burbs of Atlanta. Blokey and I almost died* while driving up the mountains to the wedding last night. I haven't been creative with my dress, but I have been looking at old photos, a favorite "stuck in the suburbs where you have few friends," activity. In honor of Father's Day, I'm celebrating my dad's unique style.
My dad is the original Rad. He is the funniest person I know, and even though we fought a lot in high school, he is one of many reasons that my sister and I know to date really awesome, nice dudes. I think I am very similar to him in looks, personality, and our unfortunate propensities to pursue a PhD. My father was a tall and slender drink of water back in the mid 1970s, and remains relatively slender despite pushing his 60s. He has his own sense of style, which consists of wearing XL or XXL button up shirts (despite his non-XL frame), black cotton athletic crew socks, black slacks and belt, and black safety shoes/Florsheims. The weekend version of this consists of XL/XXL colorful polo shirts/Hawaiian shirts, casual slacks, and brown leather clogs. We love him anyway, but it's nice to be reminded that he didn't always dress this way:

Rad's Dad: in his single years, rocking the cuffed slender pants and peppy look (back when he was outdoorsy)

Slim and stylish, left most (and tallest) dude on the bridge

The man is wearing a slim fitting pink (!!) shirt, on a suspension bridge with my ma, 1976. (What's going on with her pants?)

Rocking a chocolate colored slim fitting suit, on some rocky beach in South Korea. Note the funny duck face.

*Maybe not exactly, but I did freak out at dirt and gravel roads up mountains that were only wide enough for one car. That's not a road, people, that's a pre-modern driveway.


  1. Your dad's contemporary look sounds quite similar to my dad's aesthetic. Though my pops will occasionally switch things up and wear Birkenstock sandals with his signature black or grey socks.

    But historic Rad's Dad is truly rockin'. No wonder your mom locked that one down!

    Glad to hear you and Blokey didn't check out on the mountain roads this weekend. 'Way to hang in!

  2. Aw, looking at old family pictures is my favorite thing to do when I visit my parents too!

    And dads really do have influence over who you'll date. Back when I was single, constantly striking out and crying to my dad about it, he said that it'd probably be hard to find anyone who is as nice to me as he and my brother are. I hadn't thought of it like that before, but he was right that that's the kind of guy I should find. I got my nerdiness and bad sense of humor from my dad, so I was just happy to find someone who would appreciate that about me.

    I hope you had a good trip, and I can't wait to see you this week!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these--love the "folk-trio-on-the-bridge" shot.

  4. Holy - I love the first two pictures. They rule!

  5. Dude, your dad IS rad and your mom is totally owning the high waisted tan suit in the last photo.
    I think your dad must have donated that pink shirt to one of my local charities. I can swear that is the same one I bought my husband a few seasons ago.

  6. Thanks for sharing about your dad! Those photos are RAD!

  7. Thanks for sharing about your dad! Those photos are RAD!

  8. Thanks for sharing these--love the "folk-trio-on-the-bridge" shot.