Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Lordy, it's hot here in Brooklyn, and I was hoping that after leaving 90 plus and humid weather in northern Georgia, I'd get some relief. We don't have an A/C (although mother in law sent as one because they are visiting), so we have a series of dark curtains, ceiling fans, siestas, and hydration strategies to keep us alive. And some fruit Popsicles, but they are only occasional.
I love this tunic and perhaps it should be worn with leggings, but I'm too hot and sticky today to care about modesty. Tomorrow, I have a professorial meeting so I'll be more officey in my dress. But today, I'm all about billow fabrics, and no unnecessary layers.
In case you were curious, operation cat plus kitten has not been getting much better. Having both Lula and Buster out requires constant supervision, because while he is curious and accepting (and wants to play), she is cranky, angry, unforgiving, and constantly trying to charge/pounce him. Yet he remains pretty fearless, so I have to watch them as I'm typing.
We just brought him back last night from our friends' apartment uptown, where he got along swimmingly with the other cats there. I hope to someday share a photo in which Lula allows Buster to cuddle, like this one:

Hope everyone is staying cool today.

Tunic: Mojoware* (via Cliche in Minneapolis)
Tank: from Blokey
Shoes: Aerosoles (secondhand, via Ebay)
Scarf: via Ebay

*You can find their stuff at here. It doesn't look like they are using Alternative Apparel tunics anymore. I already begged and asked.


  1. Yowza lady, those legs! It's almost 90 and super muggy here today, so I'm being less modest too - although we have slightly different definitions of that :)

  2. You're back! Hope the trip was grand. And that tunic is really cute- and looks perfect for the heat. Geeze I'd trade weather with you if I could- it's a high of 70 here and the rest of the week looks like it will be cooler. Not very summery.

    As for the kitties. Bailey ( the new kitty) and Prescott- our older cat. Man - while they no longer hiss at each other, we do have to watch them constantly as well, because she (bailey) will try to play with him and chase his tail- Prescott only takes so much before he bites - and a coule of time he was scraping her belly with his hind legs - in that super scary hunting thing cats do... I freaked out because she still had her little stitches on her belly from the spay...

    Do you find that they get tired of chasing each other around and can be calm for a bit?

  3. Sometimes cats take a very long time to warm to each other, or even to tolerate one another. My two--after having cat #2 for over a year--are still negotiating, and definitely do not cuddle. Generally they seem to avoid one another as much as possible.
    Your outfit looks cool. If you've got the legs, go for it. Perfectly seasonable!

  4. Hey Legs Eleven! Sorry to hear that the kitty drama continues. Maybe a combination of the heat and being furry is making them cranky. When I adopted my second cat it was winter in a very cold apartment. There was still a lot of disheartening fighting but I think the prospect of snuggling together for warmth helped to mitigate the territory wars. Maybe if there is a break in the heat wave then everyone will feel better.

    Anyway, stay cool. It's miserable to try to work and referee in a hot apartment. Have you tried the trick of a big bowl of ice behind the fan so it blows cooler air? I'm lucky here in the summers since it seems to rarely get that hot here, but southern Ontario was terrible. Visit here anytime! (bring a coat and an umbrella)

  5. 'Talk about leggy, lean, and long! Melting or no, you are super-modelling it up in this cool ensemble.

    'Sorry to hear the cat drama continues. That must be extra-exhausting in the heat. Buster continues ridiculously adorbs, I see (Oh! the spot on his wee nose!). And is that Lula's paw scooping under the door in your cuddling-with-Buster shot?

  6. She's got legs...

    Um, I hope you're working the minis and those gams all the time! They go on for miles!

    ♥ V


  7. I agree with G&G. Your legs are fantastic!
    Why haven't I seen them before?

  8. Thanks for the sweet leg compliments, blogging buddies. I swear that this tunic looks reasonable in the mirror, but everything above the knee looks super short in photos. What's up with that?
    And thanks for the encouraging words about the cats. I have a feeling that my cats may never become friends. After careful observation, we realized that the perpetrator is Buster, who remains completely unafraid of his interactions of the giant mountain lion 4X his size. She mostly wants to be left alone and he stalks, follows, and runs up to her.
    @ADubs: That is indeed Lula's paw reaching 'round under the door. The home office is Lula's crash pad, and she doesn't like to be locked out.
    @DMed: We don't have ice, but the AC arrives tomorrow (so much guilt!)

  9. When I lived in Ontario I had to get an air conditioner too, but it took me a long time. I lived in a flat on the top floor of a house during my MA year that never cooled down. I wrote my whole MA thesis sitting on the fire escape at night because it was cooler outside than inside. And I rarely slept. When I finally got AC when I was writing up the dissertation, I realised how important a good night's sleep is to my work (and my health and my mood, etc.). And how impossible it is to work in 30+ weather. And how ridiculous it is to write a thesis on a fire escape with a flashlight and a laptop.

  10. Oh man. That kitten is making ME melt!

    And it's been in the 90s and humid here, so when I get home I strip down to my bra, pull on my shorts, and spend the evening flashing the neighbors.

  11. Cute shoes and I love the tunic! Cliche is a dangerous place for me to go, I want everything in there!