Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Having Ish-shoes

When I saw Cynthia's post about problems taking outfit photos with point & shoot cameras, I could totally relate.  Look at this.

This picture sucks

Clearly, I was having issues this morning.  For starters, now that fall is approaching, the sun is coming up later, which is giving me new morning light to work with.  I tried to adjust my camera location accordingly, but my camera decided to focus on the recycle bin on my porch (which I've cropped out) instead of me.  Trying again...

And where are my feet?

Good light and focus here, but damn, where did my feet go? Okay, third time's a charm...

Woops, wrong shoes

Feet!  But wait, that's not right either.  At this point in the morning, I was about 2 minutes away from flying out the door, so I had already changed into my Birkenstocks, since they're nice and supportive for the walk to the train. Of course, when I looked at the footless pictures on my camera and set it up to take one more round, I forgot I was wearing the wrong shoes. So I gave up.

The point of this outfit - the SHOES!

And here's the shoes. They were totally the highlight of my otherwise very simple outfit.  I picked these up while shopping on Chicago's Fashion's Night Out last week and couldn't wait to wear them!  If it's possible, they're even cuter in person.

Speaking of things I'm copying from Cynthia, she and I are embarking on yet another No Repeats Challenge starting this Thursday, September 15th.  I'm getting a bit bored with my work wardrobe as of late so that'll be my main focus.  Unlike Cynthia, I only go to the office 3 days/week, so I won't be repeating any clothing items on office days (read: blogging days) during the challenge (shoes and accessories may be a little tough, but I'll try).  I don't have as much casual clothing, so me sticking to that on weekends or work-from-home days isn't quite as practical for me (seriously, I don't have enough yoga pants to cover that).  The point of this challenge, for me, is to be more creative with my office wear.  If you'd like to join us, think about where your wardrobe could use a little sprucing up, and comment on Cynthia's post to let us know you'd like to participate.  So yes, this is the least formal style blogger challenge ever.  No, there's not really any set, specific rules.  It's a challenge defined by you, for you.  Make sense?  Clear as mud?

Dress: Old Navy
Necklace, Earrings and Cami: New York & Company
Shoes: Charming Charlie


  1. Ha, I think we all have those kind of days. I find setting my camera to portrait ensures that it focuses on my face instead of the electricity reader next to me, but not always!
    Those shoes are beyond adorable. I just found a Charming Charlies out here in the burbs, I will be checking it out!
    I don't think I will be participating in the No Repeats this go-around; I am really enjoying remixing my dresses as fall combinations too much!

    Finally, the reason I am commenting: something funky is going on with your feed on Reader; it's not allowing me to click on your title and come over to your blog to comment. Did you change any settings recently?

  2. I have a point and shoot cam too... For a while, I took my own pictures with the cam on a tripod... Some turned out great, but I had to sift through a ton before I got the ones I liked. So now, I try to get my husband to take my pictures, even if that means waiting until later on in the day to get them!

  3. Ah, point and shoots.  Guess what failed this morning and has to go back to the Canon Service Center?  Now I'm cameraless...but I'm still going to No Repeat.  We'll go to cell phone shots if I have to.

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  5. How I love you in blue. And those sweet shoes. A LOT.

  6. I have two words for you, Auto Focus. When you are holding the camera, you are aware of what it's trying to focus on, but when you are leaving it's to it's own devices, it's bound to get a little confused once in a while. And that goes doubly for the DLSR - when I push that button I have no idea what the camera is going to decide to focus on; operating without a photographer just means that you take a ton of frames and hope for the best!

  7. I usually have to take a lot of pictures to get a few that turn out well.  I like the blue dress!

  8. Photos argh! I usually have the hubs take them- but he can be at time impatient and since we don't have a tripod - I just end up dealing with whatever photos it get.                  
    THose shoes are awesome. What materials are they made from?

  9. Good question!  The tag just says that they're from all man-made materials (they were only $25, so I wasn't thinking leather or anything).

  10. I'll have to dig out my manual to see how to do Auto Focus on my camera.  But it really is a crapshoot some days :)

  11. I did that for yesterday's pictures and it worked nicely!  Not sure what's going on with the feed - are there still problems with it?