Thursday, September 30, 2010

Waiting and Wednesday

This is what I wore to work yesterday.  I snapped a couple quick pictures when I got home from work last night (this is the first one I took, and I'm amazed that it actually turned out).  I mentioned a few weeks back that my fella and I bought new furniture for our living room and dining room.  It's being delivered today, and we just found out last night that the delivery crew does not take away old furniture, as we had previously been told.  So last night we spent the entire evening clearing out our old furniture and cleaning the apartment in preparation for the new stuff.  Needless to say, I'm pretty sore today.  We have to wait about a week for a charitable resale shop to come and pick up the old furniture, so it's currently stuffed into our second bedroom, which often serves as Rad's room when she visits.

I started writing this while I was waiting for the delivery guys, and the apartment looked like this:

They have since come and gone, and I've arranged everything, and now it looks like this...

...and this

Style Underdog posted somewhat recently about dressing to match your home's decor.  So I guess I should be investing in more brown.

But enough gushing over furniture, I'll get back to the outfit - the coolest part of it is by far the tights.  I thought it was finally good weather for tights here, but of course it ended up being close to 80 yesterday.  But they're so cute, I don't really care.

Sweater: The Limited
Tank: H&M
Skirt: Target
Tights: Target
Shoes: Kohl's
Earrings & Necklace: New York & Company


  1. I love this outfit! You are looking mighty fine in those tights and that flowy skirt. Also, can I tell you how excited I am to sleep on that couch? I And eat off that table? I bet Jude already knows.

  2. I can see how you'd want to wear those tights even though it's 80. Also, great furniture!

  3. Love the tights!

    Yay for new furniture!! We're in the process of getting new ones too but we want to sell our old stuff first before we have the same problem as you do! LOL! We don't have enough space to have more than two couches!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  4. The tights! I want them!

    Congrats on your new furniture.

  5. I like those tights, and your new furniture looks great.

  6. Those tights are fab! I'm also a fan of the new furniture!

  7. Ooooo furniture. I love furniture more then clothes. I do, I do. Great choices. How many dinner parties have you invisioned already?
    Fabulous tights! Sometimes, it's all about the tights. Oh la la
    Heehee thanks for the shout out. I really think we should all move to the same city. This would be a lot easier...

  8. the new furniture looks fabulous!
    Loving the leopard tights as well -- and you can never be too sure summer is really gone until November.

  9. All: The tights were $7 at Target - go get a pair! And thanks for all the furniture compliments - we're both pretty happy about our new, grown-up purchase :)

    Rad: You're welcome anytime! I fell asleep on the couch just last night, and it was awesome.

    Elaine: Trust me, we don't have the space either! I could barely close the door on that room, and I'm still envisioning the couch falling over and breaking stuff. So yes, best to get rid of the old before getting the new :)

    SU: I do too, but clothes are a little less costly than new furniture! And I think we're done furnishing our apartment, so I can't buy anything else unless we get a house. I only have a couple dinner parties in mind so far, but I would cook for people all the time if I could!

    Lyddie: So true! Mostly because Chicago usually gets its first snow in November, which is a clear sign that summer is long gone.

  10. Gah! Why? Why can we not have Target?!!

    That is a one sweet enesemble. I love it all, but especially the tights and the black mary janes.

    Also, your new furniture looks fab. I want to lie down on that poofy rich brown couch and sip from a straw attached to a box of wine.

  11. A-Dubs: I suppose I could mail you a pair...

    And there's no better way to enjoy a box of wine than with a straw and plush furniture.

  12. the new furniture looks fabulous!
    Loving the leopard tights as well -- and you can never be too sure summer is really gone until November.