Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ace, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

It's 66 right now, but it will be 85 degrees later (not that I'll be outside much during the day), so I thought today might be one of the last days for linen, seeing that it is also the last day of summer (officially). Looking at the photos now makes me think, "Hmm... perhaps when my GAAD year is over, I should consider some slightly higher waisted pants."
My neck felt naked without a scarf, but this scarf is made of a stiff nylon, so I had to twist about to get a picture without the ends sticking straight up, like Snoopy's Red Baron chasing Ace pilot. But since I like Snoopy's Ace, I thought it would work OK anyway.


Happy last day of summer (bring on the cool weather, please! The hottest summer in recorded NYC history has to end someday, right?)

Jacket: Gap
Shirt: H&M
Pants and belt: H&M
Scarf: eBay
Flats: Ecco


  1. A scarf made of stiff nylon? That sounds painful! Thank you for reminding me that it's the last day of summer. A month ago I felt that summer was having a premature ending in spirit, but nope. It sure did hang on. So here we really are. Thanks for all the sweat summer!

  2. How odd you had the hottest summer - we had the coldest summer in recorded bay area history... I think the east and west coast summers should have split the diff.

    This is a great look to end the 'summer' with :)

  3. I know what you mean about trying to fit in the last summer pieces before it becomes officially fall, even if the temperatures are set for nearly 90 the next two days.

    We've had the hottest summer I can recall here as well. You look great! I love those pants. I hope your semester is going well!

  4. Yay to the end of summer!

    The other day I heard these old ladies talking about how they hated how many different rises are available in pants these days. I was confused, as I like having choices. I like having some low rise and some high rise pants to choose from.

    I like these low ones on you!

  5. I actually wouldn't mind having some warmer temps here in the upper Midwest. I love autumn, but it worries me that it's already been so chilly here.

    Is the scarf comfortable? I've never dealt with weird scarf stiffness.

  6. @Emily and LaHdM: The scarf is pretty comfortable. It doesn't bother my neck, just the ends stand straight up.
    @LaFille: I read from you, SU, and Audi about the unseasonably cold CA weather. Global climate change...
    @Kim: Thanks. I usually like a lower rise, but then tucking can be a challenge. I only have one pair that is a "higher" rise. They mostly look better from the front (on me).
    @JessPHG: I know, the weather doesn't care about changing seasons!

  7. Ha! Best post title ever.

    Also, keep the low-rise pants! They look great on you - look at the long, lean lines they emphasize on your bod. Sure, a higher-waisted pant would create even longer lines and emphasize your teensy waist even more, but they might also be much less comfortable (mine are. my waist yearns for freedom).

  8. I think that the low rise pants too great on you. They make you look tall and lean.

  9. Aw, Snoopy :) We're having the same type of weather today and tomorrow, and I'm kind of ready for fall already.

    I remember not too long ago, higher-waisted pants being a) all I could wear and b) totally unflattering, so I'm a little amused that they're actually a good look again. I like your current pants wardrobe, but high-waisted would probably look really great on your figure too.

  10. Perfect transition into fall outfit! I love the mix of neutrals and the addition of the scarf, somehow I can never pull off the small neck scarf! Yay Peanuts!

  11. Perfectly seasonal. I too like the Snoopy scarf, and it occurs to me that you could rock the leather aviator helmet/hat as well. Possibly that's less classroom-appropriate, though.

  12. I think that the low rise pants too great on you. They make you look tall and lean.