Monday, September 6, 2010

Young Pioneer on Labor Day

Today, I unintentionally look like a Young Pioneer, a group of sort of socialist boy/girl scouts from former East Germany (and other places under Soviet influcnece as well). I didn't realize it until looking at my photos. Young Pioneers have been in the news lately, because some right wing folks claim that Obama will be creating something like this to brainwash our children and young people. I'm pretty sure that's not something he can do on his own, but on this Labor Day, at the end of unfortunate summer (politically), I can be proud of the U.S. labor movement and celebrate our gains and mourn the setbacks. (As a proud member of a professor's union, I think I can say, "we.") This op-ed piece about the declining U.S. labor movement in the Times today was particularly good.

Last night, I finally saw Inception. I quite like Christopher Nolan and the way he like to screw with audience's minds. I also really really like Cillian Murphy. I think I'll watch anything with him. He's like the prettiest man I've ever seen (Blokey is not threatened, obviously).

In a little while, Blokey and I will head over to my old neighborhood of Crown Heights to watch the Annual West Indian Carnival Parade. It's this amazing street fest/parade, part of a weekend long serious of events promoting Caribbean culture in Brooklyn. The costumes, the floats, the music, the food- all amazing.

Carnival, 2008 (from right in front of my old apartment on Eastern Parkway)

Buster's wanted to show his bottom to the camera.


  1. Excellent pioneering ensemble, Rad. And Buster's buns are the bees knees - a fact of which he is clearly well aware.

  2. Mmm, I'd love to have some Caribbean food tonight :) This is a great ensemble for a parade. Hope you had fun!

  3. Those yellow slippers are perfect parade fare. I hope it was a glorious day.

  4. I rather like your young pioneer look. The yellow flats and printed scarf make it so cute!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. You continue to rock the yellow flats. I need to own some immediately.

    I had to teach on Labor Day -- the state I'm in ridiculously doesn't consider it a holiday. You can draw your own conclusions about their attitude towards organized labor. I retaliated by making my undergrads read Marx on alienated labor. Take THAT state government!

  6. Ditto E-Jo's comment on the yellow flats. I also really like this scarf with the denim dress.

  7. @E-Jo: You are rockin' those southern students' world. You have my humble appreciation.
    @Kellybean: I want to start a yellow shoe commune someday.
    @A-Dubs- he keeps shoving it in my face (someone wants to get fed) so I think he agrees with you!