Monday, September 13, 2010

Pants weather

Pants weather, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

Today, I've been inspired by the brilliant professional pants-wearing of La Historidora de Moda, A-Dubs, and Anne. These are my best "professional pants" and they cost me like $20 in 2001. Somehow (probably not wearing them that often), they've remained in decent shape, and look slightly better than a decade old pair of cheapo trousers. Ah, the magic of artificial fibers.
Before I started reading style blogs, I wore black and grey, black and white, and black tops with jeans. As a wink to my slight style evolution, I've added a magenta/aquamarine scarf and burgundy shoes. They're like types of red, and they go together, right?
Like Anne, I want it to go below 70s before I pull out the old tights for class. There is a school event this week that I should attend on a non-teaching day- so maybe I'll go leggings/jeggings as my pants alternative?
Hope you have a lovely Monday. I'm off to educate the youth, Stylenation!

Shirt: JCrew
Belt: Gap
Pants: Very old Old Navy
Shoes: Naturalizer
Scarf: eBay


  1. Very sharp, Rad! This looks like a great teaching outfit, perfect for your busy Monday. I love the belt and tucked in shirt. Oddly enough, it's hot here again, so no pants for me today.

  2. Yay color! The scarf enlivens the whole ensemble, if you ask me.

  3. Very pulled-together. Perfect classroom costume!

  4. Fantastic! The scarf is a great touch.

  5. The colorful scarf really adds something! Looks great for teaching.

  6. Dude, thumbs up, way up. The scarf is terrific. I love the whole thing!
    How do you feel in it? Any different than the blazer/jean/tee combo?

  7. ooh that scarf! awesome!I had to laugh out loud at "professional pants" as thats's what I pulled out of my closet this morning- I usually wear skirts and dresses to work - but today as I'm getting over being sick and our offfice is always in full blast a/c mode- I pulled out the work pants that I bought for my first job after graduation. If only professional pants had more flair...

  8. @SU: This is a very "safe" outfit, I think. The scarf makes it look more mature, but I think in a good way. I like the blazer/tee/jeans combo better but the class topic today was sleepy, so maybe this was better.
    @La Fille: Here's to the reluctant pant wearers!
    @Anne:Weird about the weather. What I do for one more warm Friday...
    @Rebecca, Sal, Charlotte, Sal, and KB: thanks! I feel silly sometimes in the scarf but I think it screams "Professor."

  9. I'm not going for tights at least until october. I like them, maybe I even love them. But it's just too soon!!

    Also, I can't understand how anyone has time to take photos and write a blog post before leaving for work in the morning. It takes me no less than an hour from start to finish.

    (not counting the time it takes to photograph the outfit)

    Really, how is it possible?

  10. @LyddieGal: I have low standards? I pick out the outfit in my mind the night before, and then I spend 10 minutes taking a picture with a self timer and an Ikea stool (I only take 3 and if I don't like 'em, I just deal with the fact I'm no model), and then I write something very very fast. Usually with a typo or two that makes me feel mortified.
    Your photos are so beautiful in the natural sunlight! The effort really shows.

  11. Rad, you look so chic! Love the touch of colors. I still tend to be grounded in black/grey/white combination. That pants fit you really nicely.

  12. I also only take 3 photos and call it a day! I feel like anything else is trying to get a shot that probably isn't indicative of how it actually looks?

    I love the scarf. Every year, every fall I plan on wearing scarves like this. I have a whole box of them. And I never do. I just continue to be jealous when others do.

  13. The scarf is very chic with this, and I love the sophisticated neutral palette of the rest of the outfit.

  14. Lookin' sharp! Hey, if it's pants weather there and here too, I think it's almost time for a professorial fall 30x30 challenge...which I must admit still scares me a little.

  15. I love the scarf. I very occasionally wear them and admire the bravery & style ability of those who rock them like you clearly do!

    Also, I second Cynthia's call for a professorial fall 30x30 challenge.

  16. I love everything about this outfit! The black shirt with the dark grey pants, the belt, the shoes and the scarf. Oh, the scarf!