Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Old Favorite

I apologize in advance for the terrible lighting in today's pictures.  I had my fella take them when I got home from a long day of work and running around tonight at about 7:30 (bless his heart, he did it while cooking me dinner), and the lighting in our apartment is just awful.  But I really wanted to get pictures today, since I really love this outfit.  There's a lot of sparkles in it (detail below, because sometimes there's nothing better than something shiny), but my favorite part is the skirt.  This is one of the oldest pieces that's still in somewhat regular rotation in my wardrobe.  It's perfect for any season, and it's flattering on me within a 30-40 pound weight range.  How many articles of clothing can possibly make that last claim?  

Skirt sparkles
I bought this skirt in 2004, for my first-ever Christmas party with my company.  Of course, the days of company-funded Christmas parties with giant buffets and open bars are long-gone in much of the corporate world (our yearly party has shifted to a lunch time pot luck), but the skirt remains.  I realize 6 years isn't that long to have owned something, but keep in mind, up until the last few years I was buying trendier pieces rather than classic pieces, so a lot of what I have from years ago either doesn't fit me anymore, or looks too dated.  I think this skirt has lasted so long because it's basically a black skirt, and those never go out of style.

I kept the accessorizing simple, sticking with a pink brooch (I was happy to see brooches on Sal's list of classic accessories) and a pair of stud earrings.  I'm really stoked that this style of earrings seems to be coming back into style, since it's a really easy way to dress an outfit up.  I'm still wearing them despite having changed my clothes, and my jammies have never looked classier.  

What pieces in your wardrobe have stood the test of time?

Cardigan: Target
Tank: Loft
Skirt: New York & Company (c. 2004)
Earrings: New York & Company (current)
Brooch: Etsy
Watch: Anne Klein, gifted
Shoes: Aerosoles

Gratuitous Jude shot (he's always so happy when we come home from work)


  1. Anne, this is a very happy outfit! It looks season-spanning and comfortable as well as chic.

    I have a gray kimono sweater and an olive drab pullover that my mother gave me when I was in graduate school in the late 70s. Those are my oldest clothes, I think. I still wear them from time to time, though not together.

  2. I love the print on the skirt and how your top and jewelry really match the colors!
    My wardrobe piece that has lasted a long time is probably the grey dress pants from Old Navy that are 9 years old. Very classic and maybe a little boring, but I've been rocking them for 9 years!

  3. You chose great accessories to wear with that skirt.

  4. I love clothes that flatter you no matter what!
    I think the oldest thing in my closet that i still wear quite regularly (though only around the house) is a grey hoodie from the gap, circa 1998.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Nice look.

  6. Nice look.