Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jeans in the classroom

Today, I'm looking a bit worse for the wear. I woke up at 4AM with itchy, watery eyes (thanks fall weather!) and I may look a bit like someone with a recreational drug habit today. And my hair won't go out of "modified Carol Brady" lately, but that's OK. Buster still likes me.
I tried to incorporate your great thoughts about wearing a jeans based outfit in the classroom. Today, my students are watching a film so and having a discussion (we learn about the Spanish American war as a case study, and then we use that "historical data" to analyze theories of war. Since many have woeful memories of high school history, this serves as a catch up). Since I'll be sitting most of the day, I thought the 3" oxford, inspired by Ephemera, would be appropriate.
Some folks asked really great questions about how I may be perceived by fellow faculty members, and E-Jo made a great comment about how junior faculty do cutting edge research, and likewise can probably get away with pushing boundaries in the classroom. I like that idea a lot. While I won't be showing up in anything inappropriate, skin wise, I think that clothing norms at both my school and my department are very broad and diverse (like our students!). And I have very high regard of my fellow department members and I believe them to be fair, open-minded and nonjudgmental. I mean, my research is quite non-mainstream but they liked it.

Edit: I belted it and took a quick picture. Which is better: loose or belted?

Hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday!

Cardigan: Rachel Rachel ROy
Top: via Clique
Jeans : Blank
Shoes: Tahari, via DSW


  1. I like it belted - the belt seems to pull the outfit together. And if you feel comfortable wearing jeans, I say go for it!

  2. Great jeans look - I love the long slim lines of your legs together with the cool heels. While I like both outfits, I think the belted one is a bit more professional and finished.

  3. I also vote for belted.

    Fundamentally, I think that we should be able to wear what we want to teach in so long as we're not displaying genitalia or our breasts. Unfortunately, I do think people judge us on our sartorial choices. I know there have been times I was taken less seriously because of what I was wearing and A-Dubs recent post and the comments on it suggest that this is a disappointingly common issue.

    I don't have a problem with jeans in the classroom, though I usually reserve my more casual looks for the later in the term.

    In a way I envy you that you are in an urban setting with such a diverse student group. Out of the 120 students I'm teaching this semester, only one is African American and only a couple more are non-white.

  4. @LaHdM: I think it really depends on the culture of each department. Here, we never see eachother except at meetings, so there is little opportunity to be judgmental. Even the faculty who teach the same days as me- I only see them if we make an effort. This is probably more a case for the commuter campus (where the faculty commute too), and research and teaching expectations are high.
    I imagine that it would be different in department where folks come in on non-teaching days to work, the space is more communally organized, and there are more meetings? We literally have 4 dept. meetings this semester.
    @Anne and Eek: Thanks- belting is how I'll keep it for today!

  5. I like it both ways ! Loose is more casual and belted is more sophisticated so it depends on where your wearing it to.

  6. Definitely belted. I loves the way you write. Whimsical, would be an appropriate word to describe? You must be a good writer.
    One of my professors in other departments wears berkenstocks and jeans in the classroom. However, I never lost any respect for him. My case is a little bit different. I do not have grey hair and less experienced. I do not have a gut to do that. Your jeans seem actually fine. They are dark, not tattered, and no holes;) I don't remember if I ever wore jeans to a class. I think I did before when I gave exams.

  7. I think I like this look sans belt! Which is crazy, since I'm a belt fanatic.

  8. Gaa! Don't be so hard on yourself, your hair is cute! I vote no belt, because I am just not a belt fan!

  9. I like this without the belt. This is what I do, putting on the belt, taking off the belt, eventually deciding on no belt, so maybe I'm always going to vote for what looks more comfortable and off-hand. But here, I like the no belt. I'd definitely wear this to teach in. In fact, maybe I already have... Very cool, but in no way sloppy.

  10. Oh no allergies! I hope you feel better. THat cardigan is pretty much amazing, and I think you can wear it pretty much anyway! I want to 'borrow' it and wear in over my black tank dress to work...- I think it does add a bit of edge to a jeans outfit.

  11. I like it better without the belt, but both looks are flattering on you.

  12. I like this with the belt, but it also works without.

    LOVE your shoes, which to my eye profesh up the jeans considerably.

  13. both great looks! but for reinforcing a position of authority - with belt.

    and that's a complete bummer - if you're going to LOOK like you're recovering from a drug-addled lost weekend, you should at least have had the FUN of a lost, addled drug weekend....a log and drust-addled....?

    well, you get the point. (and you look great!)

  14. This is a great outfit -- perfect for the kind of the class scenario you're describing. I think I prefer it belted but both are great. I scheduled all my films for the end of the term which I'll appreciate then but kind of wished I would spread the things around. Though I do have a grad student coming in to guest lecture next week...

    Also, I'm glad that my comment has been useful!

  15. Hi Rad
    Belted looks like..."Hi, I'm an outfit."
    Unbelted looks like..."I'm slouchy cool." Both are good.
    Thanks for using the phrase cutting edge. When I describe you to my friends the words "a mix of punk rock, classics, with a smidgen of anarchy" are thrown into the description. Cutting edge is a lot easier.

  16. Both work for me, but I loves me a good belted cardigan, lol. I kinda like the cool vibe of keeping unbelted, though, like you are way too uninhibited to think of adding really, I am not help. Just wanted to say that I like either :)

  17. I swoon every time I see these shoes. Why don't I own a pair, or similar? Anyway, I think with the belt it looks slightly more profesh, but I like it unbelted and that's how I would wear it. I look silly with a belt over a cardi--I am much more in the camp of "belts keep pants up" rather than "belts are a pretty accessory" --but that could be my short-waisted body and my dearth of nice belts.

    Also, Buster! And those shoes!

  18. @SU: that compliment come from you is all kinds of awesome.
    @DMed: They are just a wee bit tight so my calves hurt today. It was worth it, though.
    @E-Jo: I went unbelted for the second class.
    @Miss Studios: Thanks for sharing the story about the prof in birkenstocks. I'll tell myself that next time I'm in casual clothes!
    @LaFille: That's a great way to remix this dress! Thanks for the idea.
    @Daniela: Welcome!

  19. amzing outfit... love the shoes!

  20. Your cat is so damn cute!!!
    I like it loose, the skinny jeans are skinny enough to not need the additional definition.

    Chic on the Cheap

  21. What a great modification to the jeans-to-teach-in ensemble. And I'm with D-Med: those shoes are melty fer sher.

    Also, arching Buster is kind of stealing some spotlight, here. Especially with his tail all pointy like that!

  22. I like it belted - the belt seems to pull the outfit together. And if you feel comfortable wearing jeans, I say go for it!