Saturday, March 20, 2010

vaguely 60s

vaguely 60s, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

This is a recent thrift store find. Simple black jersey boatneck (supposedly very flattering to the small chested.) We are headed to a pizza/birthday party in Crown Heights tonight and it's actually hot out. The nice lady detectives who came to our apartment were sweating and I offered them water. Blokey's testimony was useful for them, which was good, and we found out that the crime, while still terrible, was far less heinous then the neighborhood gossip suggested.
I also picked up this "mod" style dress. I take mod as being in the style of the swinging sixties London, often made of up stiffer woven or double knit fabrics, without much tailoring. It's adorable, maybe little big (I can resize soon), but how to wear it without looking like Santa Claus? It's too hot (70 degrees) to wear right now, but it will get colder again. It needs a slip (Blokey calls double knit polyester "wearing oil" since it's basically petroleum).

The sleeves are slightly puffed and quite darling. Necklace? White tights?

Blokey suggested a coat. I am afraid of black with this dress. Too Santa-y

Or I could just say, "Screw you and your fear of St. Nick and America!" and drape myself in denim and black combat boots.

Any and all suggestions are deeply appreciated!

Black Tshirt dress: thrifted, Land's End
Grey pleather belt, free with Ebay purchase,
socks: GAP,
shoes: thrifted, Aersoles
"mod" dress: thrifted
black boots: MIA


  1. Ooh, I really like the red & white ensemble! I agree, a necklace is in order - do you have anything big and gold?

  2. I like the knee socks with the black dress. The red and white dress is a great find!

  3. That black dress is awesome!

    I like the 2nd iteration of the red/white dress, with the longer jacket. I think you probably need something like that to give it another major component to detract from the costumey-ness, if you want to detract from the costumey-ness. I always have a hard time with these dresses, too, although I love them.