Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Blue, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

Hey, look, it's our kitchen. I recently made these curtains out of a really sturdy canvas I picked up in the Garment district. It took about 45 minutes with the ironing and help from my cheerful cohabitating assistant. Our old curtain, some Ikea monstrosity, did not match the orangey decor of our kitchen at all. Now we are all low-rent Marimekko.

Perhaps to match the new found color in the kitchen, I also started my outfit today with these very loud, very blue leggings. I just had to give a make up test to a student, and I figured if it is spring break, I will wear what I darn please. She didn't seem to mind. I just could not get over how blue my legs were. I even got a significant number of looks on the subway, and considering that I was neither muttering to myself, hocking spit against the doors, or throwing chicken bones, that is a relatively new experience. So while I remain more comfortable in my black tights, this was still pretty fun for another gloomy solid grey day in NY. They are on the transparent side, which is kind weird.

I also wore this outfit to fight about school reform on Facebook. Ah, what I did with my spring break.

Shirtdress: Brooklyn Industries (on sale)
Leggings: Target (available in a stunning array of colors)
Undershirt: Uniqlo
Boots: Mia


  1. Great casual outfit! I dig the leggings :)

  2. Love the curtains! Love love love the dress! I have an affection for plaid and this looks comfy and cazh. And how nice of you to go in on your reading week for a blasted make-up test. Make-up test requests are a bane. I think the electric blue legs were a nice protest, even if they accidentally were construed as "my prof is an awesome dresser" instead of "my prof hates coming in on her reading week to invigilate my make-up exam."

  3. LOVE the blue leggings!!! And you SHOULD wear whatever you want!! ;)

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  4. I, too, love it all. And the curtains make an awesome new backdrop for your outfit photos, no?

    Also, they were appreciating your awesomeness on the subway, and possibly plotting ways to make the electric blue leggings their own. Watch out.

  5. Love the blue tights and the plaid dress!