Friday, March 12, 2010

This Flight Toinght

flight to Chicago, originally uploaded by Cohabitating_Closet.

Blokey and I are flying out to Chicago for a short weekend trip. Exciting things are scheduled to occur. I wanted to wear this red polyester secretary dress that I finally got back from the cleaners today to meet Anne and some other lovely ladies (and gents), but the weather is lousy here and there. Plus I still feel a bit sicky, so this is my version of sweat pants: jersey skirt from American Apparel (from a clothing swap) and a comfy tunic top. I like how without a belt it looks kind of like a dropped waist/flapper dress, but I added the belt so the boots would work better. We found this odd lounge area by the waiting area in the terminal. (Marine Air Terminal in LaGuardia, which only Delta flies out of, is a very odd, tiny and retro airport terminal). While I am not 100% recovered, I am very happy to be feeling better and I have a big smile for the photographer (I made him take a couple shots

Also, I am pleased and thrilled to have been given a blog award by the gorgeous and stylish The Waves of No Signposts in the Sea. I've blogged before, but not sought to be part of an active blogging community, so I am surprised (but happy) that someone with such a wonderful blog and more experience found my humble efforts noteworthy.

sweater tunic: Uniqlo
cognac belt: thrifted (Beacon's Closet),
scarf: vintage, Collecther
skirt: swap
purple tights: Target
boots: Born, via Ebay

Back to the vitamin water, white bread, and airport naps. Happy Weekend!


  1. That scarf is just beautiful. Perfect pop of color!

  2. I like the outfit, but I'm glad you changed shoes. Also, this looks so much better in person! So glad you're here :)

  3. I love the layering you've got going on here! I hope you have a wonderful time in Chi-town!