Sunday, March 7, 2010

Neighbors (or the pitfalls of outside photos

My neighbor caught me trying to take a photo of myself, balancing my little camera on the steps of our brownstone. I was so embarassed. He asked, "Is that for Facebook?" We are friendly, but not close. This is somehow the face I made when he caught me.
Yeah, it's not easy to be this vain in a rougher neighborhood. I'll save you the face, which is not suitable for small children, but the outfit picture was decent.

Luckily, he offered to take a photo of me. He did take it from a wide angle, which cut off my feet, but the best part is you can see those fellas hanging out on the stoop. They must be thinking, "What is up with that girl?" They probably think that about me anyway, since I like to whistle old country and western standards when I walk to the subway.

Today was 55 degrees, sunny, and therefore I was not completely nuts to buy birdseed and check out local thrift/vintage stores without a coat. Today, I went to Not Just Vintage, on Bedford Ave. It was a really interesting store and there was a massive sale. The owner was very nice but no pushy, and it had some interesting local designer's stuff too (but not uber expensive). I did find a cute dress, but I need a slip. Where does a girl pick up a slip in this town? (So far, no luck at Goodwill, VS, or Target).

Western pearl snap shirt: borrowed from fella, Ebay
Boots: Mia, $85
Jeans: Blank, Cliche, $45


  1. 55 and sunny? So jealous. I was embarrassed enough to ask Bob to take pictures for me, I can't imagine any of my neighbors stumbling upon it. Our neighbors are moving out at the end of the month - I wonder if the new tenants will be the type that would be cool to take pictures for me.

    Anyway, all that to say, cute casual Sunday outfit :)

  2. I looooove rockin' the hubs' clothes!