Friday, March 19, 2010

Ten Facts about Me, the Sugar Doll

Thanks again to lovely The Waves at No Signposts in the Sea for this blog award. I love that her blog is stylish and intelligent. She asks great questions and showcases her unique outfits. Plus, I feel a connection to her since she hails from Finland and my blokey's father is 2nd generation Finnish-American, so I feel like an honorary Finnish-American. [I read up all about Finland when we first started dating (including the language, history, economic development) and then he told me that didn't care for his Finnish heritage much. Oh well)].
For this award, I am supposed to tell the readers 10 things about themselves and pass on the award to ten other bloggers (of any variety), who in turn will share 10 things about their delightful selves.

1. I grew up in 5 states and moved 6 times (twice to California, with four years in between) before I was 15. This means that whenever someone asks, "Where are you from?" I ask them if they want the short or real answer. The short answer is "New Jersey" (Monmouth county), where I spent 8 years.

2. I played piano and was trained at a conservatory by a Rutgers professor for those 8 years in Jersey. Talk about your Asian-kid stereotypes. I was technically good but I lack a good ear for music.

3. I am a terrible driver. Like Woody Allen. With less jokes.

4. I am obsessed with regional accents, and all non-American accented English. Probably related to number 2, and the fact I have immigrant parents. Don't be alarmed if I seem obsessed with your pronunciation.

5. My biggest fear as related to my profession is that I will lose patience and compassion for my students, which is not that hard to do sometimes.

6. I am a Gemini. I don't take much stock in zodiac and star signs, but I am pretty "classically" Gemini. Including the need for variety. I don't need variety in all things, like friends, partner, or music. But I think I need it in clothes, food, movies, and reading materials. Lots, please.

7, I don't much like the South, but I love country music. Especially George Jones.

8. Berlin, Germany, is my favorite city. Not for any particular reason, except that is a hip, cheap, and has great street food and culture. Someone once said to me that "Sometimes you are just ready to fall in love with a place." I was probably ready at age 25.

9. Blokey is five feet 10 or 11. (He slouches in photos). I think is this the perfect height for me. I've dated six foot plus fellas and for some reason, this is a bit of a turn off. I've found out through conversations with other woman that this makes me an aberration. Perhaps this is preference for the medium height dude is because I am a very medium height lady. Taller than average so I can feel special on the train, but enough to never feel too tall.

10. I am not religious, but I am interested in faith, faith communities, and spiritual things. I believe in something like karma, and I do think that the ultimate consequences of the decision we make is the lives that we live.

I'd also hope that Anne does her ten things for our readers (hint hint).

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  1. Oh, I was hoping for a Shepwell Kitchen award ;) Actually, I figured since you're about 99% of this blog, the award was all you. I'll see what I can throw together on my break today.

    Regarding #9 though - are you saying women like much taller men? Being 5'9 sometimes it's hard to find taller guys anyway (unless I found someone like my 6'4 brother). Bob and I are the same height, and I do find myself slouching in photos with him if I wear heels, because I feel all Amazony if I don't. I don't care personally, but I feel like it'd bug him to be standing next to this giant woman.

  2. I really enjoyed reading these about you! Especially because you seem a bit reserved on your blog and so it was nice to get to know you a little more!

    I am interested in accents too! Probably because of my parents as well... and I am with you on #7 except I don't like country music.

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  3. I like reading this. I also like your accents.

  4. ps my security code word to submit the last comment was "plast". which means pee (past tense) in dutch

  5. Thank you so much for the award!

    I too do not enjoy height in men. I'm 5'5". My current guy is 5'10" (tall for a Mexican) and I think that's the perfect height. One of my exes was 5'6" and I thought that was great too - almost my size.

  6. Agh! 'Just checked in after a hectic week to find this wonderful surprise post.

    Thanks for sharing about you and for our award! I'll contact DM and get on with the listing asap!

  7. Agh! 'Just checked in after a hectic week to find this wonderful surprise post.

    Thanks for sharing about you and for our award! I'll contact DM and get on with the listing asap!